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NPCI International Payments and Central Reserve Bank of Peru to Enable UPI-like Real-Time Transactions

NPCI International Payments Limited (NIPL) and the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP) have announced a partnership to enable the deployment of a UPI-like real-time payments system in Peru. This collaboration marks a significant milestone, “making Peru the first country in South America to adopt… Read More

Peruvian Fintech Firm Leasy Reportedly Secures Additional Funding via Series A

Peruvian Fintech company Leasy has reportedly completed a $28 million Series A round in equity and debt. The investment round is said to have been led by Magma Partners with Entangle Group, DeBa Ventures, Noa Capital, and Grupo CAPEM, also making contributions along with various… Read More

Banco de Credito del Peru Selects I2c for Digital Banking Services

Banco de Credito (BCP) in Peru has selected i2c for its digital banking services, according to a company statement. BCP is supported by Credicorp Ltd. (NYSE: BAP), the primary financial holding company in Peru. The bank has a presence in Chile, Colombia and Bolivia. i2c… Read More

Latin America: Citi Makes Strategic Investment in Rextie, Peru’s Fintech for FX Services

Citi (NYSE: C), which claims to be a global leader in foreign exchange (FX) markets, has made a strategic investment in Rextie, Peru’s fintech for FX services. The investment makes Rextie Latin America’s first FX fintech “to receive an investment from one of the largest… Read More

ViewTrade Holding Corp. Teams Up with Seminario to Allow Clients in Peru to Digitally Invest in US Securities

ViewTrade Holding Corp. has announced its partnership with Seminario y Cia Sociedad Agente de Bolsa S.A., which claims to be the largest “independently owned” retail broker-dealer in Peru. As mentioned in a release, the integration with the Fintech solutions provider ViewTrade is now “enabling Seminario’s… Read More

Fintech Sector in Peru has Been Growing Steadily with 171 Fintechs Operating in the Country: Report

Peru’s Fintech sector has been expanding at a steady pace during the past few years. There are at least 171 Fintechs operating in the country, as of September 2021. These numbers represent a sizable 16% increase from last year, as well as a yearly growth… Read More

Peruvian Fintech Becomes Newest Polymesh Validator

Peruvian fintech B89 this week became the newest node operator on Polymesh, a permissioned blockchain purpose-built by Polymath specifically for regulated assets. It is currently in testnet phase with mainnet launch anticipated for later this year. Polymesh said most public blockchains are insufficient at meeting… Read More

Cathio Announces Memorandum Of Understanding With Peru-Based Fintech Currency Exchange Platform Kambista

Cathio Inc. (Cathio), an organization that was founded specifically to reform the transfer of money and resources in the Catholic economy by applying technology to offer an easy-to-use payment solution that responds to the needs of the Catholic community, nonprofits and institutions, announced on Wednesday… Read More

Nova Credit Expands into Latin America: Solving Credit Access for Immigrants, One Country at a Time

Nova Credit, started as a Stanford graduate research project in 2015, has quickly gained ground as a cross-border credit reporting agency aiming to solve the problem of credit access for immigrants and underbanked.  The platform will begin serving immigrants from South America through partnering with the Brazilian credit bureau… Read More

Blockchain JV: Overstock Founder Patrick Byrne & Economist Hernando de Soto Partner on Global Property Registry

Described as an initiative to fight global poverty and inequality, Patrick Byrne, founder of Overstock (NASDAQ:OSTK) has formed joint venture with Hernando de Soto – prominent economist who has been deeply engaged in the Blockchain and cryptocurrency sector.  The new company, called De Soto, Inc., will… Read More

Finnovista Co-Founder Fermin Bueno Shares Lowdown on Peruvian Fintech

Fermin Bueno, Managing Partner & Co-founder at Finnovista and Startupbootcamp FinTech Mexico City, recently posted a Fintech Radar for Peru via LinkedIn, in which he and his team identified 45 Fintech startups currently operating in Peru. The Peruvian Fintech ecosystem is currently experiencing extremely rapid growth, according… Read More

P2P-Banking Interviews Disruptive Fintecher Alejandro Cosentino, CEO of Afluenta

P2P-Banking.com’s Claus Lehmann posted a comprehensive interview this morning with Alejandro Cosentino, the CEO of Afluenta.  Afluenta, a leading marketplace lending company in Latin America (LatAm) that connects creditworthy borrowers with investors, to create more convenient loans and better investment opportunities, provides an innovative investment alternative for individuals… Read More

Afluenta Opens in Peru. Mexico and Colombia are Next

Argentina based Afluenta, a P2P lending platform, is staking claim as the first crowdfunding platform to set up shop in Peru.  The company reports this is the first step in a significant regional expansion. The company expects to launch in Mexico and Colombia, followed by Brazil,… Read More

Across the Ocean for a Loan: Crowdcredit, Japan’s First Cross-Border-Focused P2P Lender

  Crowdcredit, founded by Tomoyuki Sugiyama, a former bond trader in Lloyds Bank’s Tokyo branch, is Japan’s first lending platform focused on only cross-border peer to peer lending, as P2P-Banking.com notes. The company, based in Tokyo, invests Japanese capital in credit markets in various Latin American countries, such… Read More

New Edward Burns Hedge Fund Movie Embraces Crowdfunding

Several months ago we spotlighted a soon-to-launch crowdfunding company that sought to bring crowdfunding to independent film. That company – Seed & Spark – has launched and now boasts an upcoming film starring Edward Burns among its list of financing projects. Largely financed by Atlantic Pictures, the… Read More

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