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Gonçalo de Vasconcelos Discusses Growth & Development of SyndicateRoom (Video)

Earlier this month, SyndicateRoom’s co-founder and CEO, Gonçalo de Vasconcelos, sat down with Proactive Investors to discuss the firm’s growth and development. As previously reported, Gonçalo came to the UK from his native Portugal for a role in banking and never left. SyndicateRoom is a crowdfunding platform… Read More

Seedrs’ Jeff Lynn Believes Equity Crowdfunding Will Develop As An Asset Class (Video)

This week, CEO of Seedrs, Jeff Lynn, met with CNBC to discuss how much equity crowdfunding has grown and why he believes that the funding method is developing as an asset class. During his interview, Lynn revealed: “We have seen massive growth in the three and… Read More

Snowball Effect’s Shaun Edlin: Here’s Some Advice For Businesses Looking to Secure Funds Through Crowdfunding (Video)

  Earlier this month, Snowball Effect’s head of deal flow, Shaun Edlin, recently shared some advice on how businesses can find success through crowdfunding initiatives. During his interview with Xero Accounting Software, Edlin revealed: “Businesses are literally raising hundreds of millions of dollars through crowdfunding at the… Read More

Priority Bicycle’s Founder on Crowdfunding: “I Wanted This Company to Listen to Its Customers For Directions, Not a Board of Directors”

With his third Kickstarter already capturing thousands of dollars, founder of Priority Bicycles, David Weiner, wrote a post about his experience with the crowdfunding platform and the funding method. Weiner took to Kickstarter back in mid-2014 to raise funds for his company. He then returned in… Read More

UBrew’s Co-Founders Discusses Crowdcube Success & Future Plans

This week, equity crowdfunding portal Crowdcube caught up with UBrew‘s co-founders Matt Denham and Wilf Horsfall to discuss its previous funding success on its platform. Back in January 2015, UBrew took to Crowdcube to raise £75,000 so that it may expand its operations. During its funding round, the company… Read More

Seedrs Jeff Lynn: “I Think We Have Opened The Conversation About Early-Stage Investment As an Asset Class”

Earlier this week, founder and CEO of Seedrs, Jeff Lynn sat down with online and mobile careers platform, Jobbio, to discuss the UK-based equity crowdfunding platform’s growth and development. Recently, Seedrs, which calls itself “the UK’s No. 1 equity crowdfunding platform,” announced it has had more than… Read More

Droplet’s Steffan Aquarone Talks Company Growth & Second Crowdcube Campaign

Earlier this month, Droplet, a fee-free mobile payment app startup, has launched its second equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube with a mission to raise an additional £450,000 for its expansion plans. Nearly one year ago, the company successfully secured £549,020 from 298 investors. Now CEO, Steffan Aquarone is… Read More

Don Cheadle Opens Up About His Role As Miles Davis in Indiegogo Success “Miles Ahead”

With Indiegogo success Miles Ahead set to hit theaters this spring, actor Don Cheadle sat down with Entertainment Weekly to discuss his role as Miles Davis. While discussing his history with Miles Davis’ music, Cheadle stated: “He was someone that my parents listened to. The music… Read More

Crowdcube #FundedClub Member Blanco Nino Talks Business Growth & Future Plans

Less than a year and a half after securing £121,000 on Crowdcube, CEO and founder of UK startup Blanco Nino, Philip Martin, sat down with the equity crowdfunding platform to share details about the company’s growth and future plans. During the interview, Martin offered up… Read More

UK Startup Founder Rick Fish Discusses His Experience as a Crowdcube Member

This week, Crowdcube caught up with one of its members, Rick Fish, to discuss his investing experience through the UK-based crowdfunding platform. The Crowdcube team shared: “Our next investor is Rick Fish, who is 39 and lives in North London. After spending almost 20 years… Read More

Brief: Seedrs’ Jeff Lynn Named One of 2016’s Top CEO to Watch Out For

This week, Trade Finance Global announced 2016’s top CEO and companies to watch out for. Of those named on the list is Seedrs CEO, Jeff Lynn. While revealing how Seedrs is changing or making a difference in the world, Lynn stated: “We are democratising the… Read More

Rooster Teeth’s Matt Hullum Shares Details About Indiegogo Alum “Lazer Team”

With Indiegogo success Lazer Team set to hit theaters on January 27th, Rooster Teeth’s Matt Hullum sat down to discuss the film and the company’s partnership with the video platform. During his interview, Hullum shared why Rooster Teeth decided to turn to Indiegogo for funds: “A feature… Read More

Danae Ringelmann Reveals What Inspired Her to Co-Create Indiegogo

With crowdfunding continuing to gain more popularity by the day, co-founder and chief development officer of Indiegogo, Danae Ringelmann reveals to Foundr Magazine what inspired her to create the platform and how it has helped the funding method become what it is today. During her… Read More

Creators of cuddle + kind Dolls Talks Crowdfunding Success with Indiegogo

Following the success of their Indiegogo campaign, creators of the cuddle + kind dolls, Jennifer and Derek Woodgate, sat down with the platform to discuss their crowdfunding success. According to global crowdfunding platform, Woodgates’ goal is to feed 1 million meals each year to children in need, providing… Read More

Getty Goh Sits Down With CNBC to Discuss CoAssets’ Impact on Regional Markets (Video)

Last week, CEO of Singapore-based real estate crowdfunding platform CoAssets, Getty Goh, sat down with CNBC to discuss how the website’s growth. Goh revealed that the CoAssets offers projects in the regional markets and serves the funding gap of between $1 million to $5 million…. Read More

Brief: #FundedClub Member HAB HOUSING Shares Details About Its Growing Business With Crowdcube

This week, UK-based equity crowdfunding platform Crowdcube sat down with its #FundedClub member, HAB HOUSING, to discuss its growing business. HAB HOUSING, which was founded in 2007 by Kevin McCloud, launched a crowdfunding campaign two years ago and secured over £1.9 million thanks to 640… Read More

Seedrs CEO Jeff Lynn Shares Details About Upcoming U.S. Expansion

Back in October, UK-based equity crowdfunding platform, Seedrs, announced plans to expand in the U.S. in early 2016. The website declared one year ago its intent broaden its investment crowdfunding platform into the US with the acquisition of US-based Junction Investments.  Junction, at least initially, had… Read More

LOVESPACE’s Brett Akker Opens Up About The Business’ Progress With Crowdcube

Excited to share more details about his company, LOVESPACE, Brett Akker sat down with equity crowdfunding platform Crowdcube to discuss the business’ growth and success. During his interview, Akker discussed LOVESPACE’s progress since it received the Startups Award in 2014: “A lot has happened in… Read More

Indiegogo’s Anastasia Emmanuel Reveals How Crowdfunding Has Become So Popular in the UK

Taking time away from her duties as Indiegogo’s Director of European Technology & Design, Anastasia Emmanuel sat down with Shiny Shiny to share details about her career and how popular crowdfunding has become. During her interview, Emmanuel discussed her passion for technology: “I totally fell into… Read More

Darren Westlake Talks Crowdcube Success & Crowdfunding Growth

Giving others an insight on the crowdfunding industry, Crowdcube’s Darren Westlake sat down with Business Money to discuss the UK platform and the funding method’s growth. During the interview, Westlake revealed that he is on a mission to bridge the gap between old school investors and new… Read More

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