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Brief: Crowdfunding Alum iSmartAlarm Hits Apple Store

Remember the iSmartAlarm? If you were reading Crowdfund Insider in January of this year you probably do. We featured the project in a roundup of tech projects crowdfunding at the time and had an in-depth interview with Zac Sutton, the man who led marketing efforts… Read More

Interview: The iSmartAlarm Hopes to Revolutionize Home Security

Last week I sat down with Zac Sutton, the marketing manager for iSmartAlarm. We’ve covered their product recently in our “cool tech products crowdfunding now” post… For those of you tired of spending the monthly toll for a security system which is only used occasionally… Read More

Crowdfunding Tech: Three Cool Tech Products Crowdfunding Now

I am a tech junkie constantly lurking the pages of the umpteen different tech sites hunting down the “next big thing”.  Crowdfunding has turbo charged the creativity and innovation in the tech world.  Now the market analysis is completed prior to product launch.  The customers… Read More

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