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Top Ten Technology Campaigns on Indiegogo

Indiegogo has experienced some pretty phenomenal success in tech crowdfunding. Their largest campaign to date  for any category – remains the Ubuntu Edge.   This next generation smartphone raised almost $13 Million but fell far short of their $32 Milllion goal.  While their crowdfunding campaign… Read More

Amiigo Bracelet Original Crowdfunding Goal $90K leads to $500K Stretch

The Amiigo Fitness bracelet has been covered here on these pages but also in many other news publications.  Hailed wide and far as a crowdfunding success for the tech arena, Amiigo still has 7 days left on their crowdfunding campaign with over $490,000 raised.  The… Read More

Entrepreneurs, dreamers turning to crowdfunding in droves

Fitness lovers with a competitive streak, picture this: a wearable electronic device that does the trash-talking for you. Dave Scott did. He’s 27, big into cardio and cross fit and wanted to brag about his personal bests. So did his buddy Abe Carter, 24. They… Read More

Crowdfunded project raises bar for fitness tracking

The market is flooded with fitness-minded software applications along with gadgets such as clips, wristbands and watches that promise to help wearers get in shape, sleep better or improve their overall health. I personally use software such as the Nike Training Club app, as well… Read More

Crowdfunding Tech: Three Cool Tech Products Crowdfunding Now

I am a tech junkie constantly lurking the pages of the umpteen different tech sites hunting down the “next big thing”.  Crowdfunding has turbo charged the creativity and innovation in the tech world.  Now the market analysis is completed prior to product launch.  The customers… Read More

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