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Dear Congress: Please Help Our Small Businesses

My friend Dan Lear and I wrote the attached letter to Congress to try to encapsulate in one place our various public policy suggestions to help startups. What you will find in the letter are 13 very specific and detailed public policy initiatives that Congress… Read More

Equity Crowdfunding Nears Reality in State of Washington

Washington State passed legislation legalizing equity crowdfunding way back in March of this year and given the title of “the Washington Jobs Act of 2014 (not very original).  Washington is one of a number of states that have moved forward with their own state crowdfunding… Read More

An Inside View of the Washington State Equity Crowdfunding Law

The state of Washington recently passed its own intrastate equity crowdfunding law.  Washington is following a growing number of states that have recognized the benefits to streamlining the capital formation process for small businesses and startups – something the JOBS Act was supposed to achieve… Read More

Washington House Approves Crowdfunding Bill With 89-9 Vote

Washington State has been on the march toward an intrastate crowdfunding exemption, and yesterday the effort took one more step toward becoming reality. House Bill 2023 was approved with an 89-9 vote. The nine nay votes all came via House Republicans. The bill itself was… Read More

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