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Issuance Officially Announces Acquisition of Jumpstart Micro – a FINRA Regulated Funding Portal

CI reported last month that Jumpstart Micro, a FINRA-regulated Funding Portal able to list securities under the Reg CF exemption, had been acquired by Issuance. Today, Issuance is officially acknowledging the business expansion, noting it will now be able to raise capital under Reg CF… Read More

There are Now 21 FINRA Approved Reg CF Crowdfunding Portals

Last time we provided an update on the Reg CF crowdfunding sector and approved funding portals there were 17 in operation. Today that number has increased to 21 FINRA approved platforms with several notable updates. Reg CF was created under Title III of the JOBS… Read More

There are Now 14 FINRA Approved Funding Portals as Created by Title III of the JOBS Act

Title III of the JOBS Act created a new securities exemption that allowed equity crowdfunding for non-accredited investors. This new exemption, also called Reg CF, may be viewed as another step in the capital ladder to complement Title II of the JOBS Act (accredited crowdfunding)… Read More

Jumpstart Micro’s Equity Crowdfunding Platform Opens: Features Pitches From Axe Digital, TravelBook App, & Treycent

On Friday, SEC-registered equity crowdfunding platform, Jumpstart Micro, announced it has officially opened and debuted three offerings for Axe Digital, TravelBook App, and Treycent. This launch comes just a few months after Title III of the Jobs Act went officially into effect. Offering up details… Read More

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