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Reg CF: The Number of Funding Portals Stabilizes as Industry Expects More Growth

Crowdfund Insider last reported on the growth of FINRA-regulated Funding Portals at the beginning of 2022. A Funding Portal is a new entity created by the JOBS Act of 2021 designed to issue securities under the Reg CF (Regulation Crowdfunding) – a securities exemption created… Read More

Indie Crowd Funder Raven Fund 1 Has Registered Over $43 Million of Investor Interest

Indie Crowd Funder, a crowdfunding platform set up to provide equity capital for films and entertainment, has seen solid progress on their Raven Fund 1. Using Tier 2 of Reg A+, Raven Fund 1 has now garnered over $43 million in investor interest. Crowdfund Insider… Read More

Entertainment Horror Fund Garners $15M of Indicated Interest in Just 7 Days

Indie Crowd Funder is a niche crowdfunding platform that is focused on the film and entertainment sector.  Indie Crowd Funder is also one of the first FINRA/SEC approved Reg CF platforms. On October 27th, Indie Crowd Funder announced the launch of a $50 million “Horror… Read More

There are Now 14 FINRA Approved Funding Portals as Created by Title III of the JOBS Act

Title III of the JOBS Act created a new securities exemption that allowed equity crowdfunding for non-accredited investors. This new exemption, also called Reg CF, may be viewed as another step in the capital ladder to complement Title II of the JOBS Act (accredited crowdfunding)… Read More

Indie Crowd Funder Forms Partnership with Actors & Artists Agency

Actors & Artists Agency, described as one of the fastest growing full-service entertainment industries, has formed a partnership with investment crowdfunding platform Indie Crowd Funder.  The arrangement seeks to provide Actors & Artists filmmakers access to both accredited and non-accredited investors.  The deal will also… Read More

Indie Crowd Funder Receives Title III Crowdfunding Approval

Indie Crowd Funder, a platform designed to provide crowdfunding services for Hollywood professionals, has received FINRA approval to operate as a funding portal under Title III of the JOBS Act.  IndieCrowdFunder joins a growing list of platforms that have applied and since been approved to… Read More

Film Finance Platform Indie Crowd Funder Files with SEC for Title III

Indie Crowd Funder has announced its intent to launch Title III investment crowdfunding specifically for independent filmmaking.  Portal rules and requirements were finalized by both the SEC and FINRA last week opening up the door for platforms to register their intent, and join FINRA, to… Read More

Indie Crowd Funder Reveals Why Equity Crowdfunding is Better For Hollywood

With more celebrities turning to the crowd for new projects, Indie Crowd Funder has revealed the key reasons why Hollywood stars should consider using equity-based instead of reward-based crowdfunding. The platform shared in a recent blog post: “Since the beginning of Hollywood, the access to needed… Read More

Indie Crowd Funder is an Equity & Rewards Platform for “Entertainment Professionals”

Designed to support Hollywood professionals, Indie Crowd Funder is an equity and rewards based crowdfunding platform to “Fan-vest” their creative projects. Co-founded by Gregory Parker, he clarifies their vision of the site; “Now Hollywood professionals can offer equity or rewards to investors and fans. We… Read More

Celebrity Crowdfunding is Set to Launch with Indie Crowd Funder

Platform looks to fill Hollywood void with targeted crowdfunding platform Indie Crowd Funder has announced it is preparing to launch the entertainment industry’s first “celebrity  targeted” crowdfunding platform. Designed to provide Hollywood professionals and celebrities a crowdfunding platform to “Fan-Fund” their passion projects.  “Crowdfunding, reward or… Read More

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