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Kuli Kuli’s Lisa Curtis Opens Up About Crowdfunding Experience

Her company Kuli Kuli made headlines over raising $53,000 on Indiegogo to help fund its superfood snack made of Morgina, and now founder of the company Lisa Curtis is ready to pen her story to Huffington Post. The writer and social entrepreneur gave readers and… Read More

Kuli Kuli Raised $50K + on Indiegogo, Now They Are Raising Capital on AgFunder

Back in June of 2013, Kuli Kuli did a rewards based crowdfunding round on Indiegogo where the small company raised $53,000 to help fund their superfood snack made of Moringa.  Known as “The Miracle Tree”, the founders claim that the Moringa Oleifera tree may be… Read More

Three Crowdfunding Campaigns To Watch

The Keyprop: A Simple Stand For Your Smartphone We’ve all been there. You’ve got this awesome YouTube video you want to show your friends, so you pull it up on your phone and then… well, you awkwardly hold it in front of them and tilt… Read More

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