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“As Seen On TV” Launches Crowdfunding Platform

As Seen On TV Selects Boston Based Launcht to Power their Crowdfunding Site. As Seen On TV, a multi-platform product marketing company and online shopping destination, has announced the launch of its As Seen On TV crowdfunding platform. This first-of-its-kind platform, powered by software solution… Read More

PledgeDollars Launches Crowdfunding for Teachers, Schools, Using Launcht

PledgeDollars, a new crowdfunding site for teachers and schools has announced the launch of their new platform to help raise funds for education.  The platform is powered by white label crowdfunding platform Launcht. As America’s schools welcome students for another school year many schools continue to… Read More

As Seen On TV Launching Crowdfunding Platform This Fall

We previously reported on As Seen On TV’s new crowdfunding platform, which is a crowdfunding white label provider of crowdfunding technology. Recently Ronald C. Pruett took the helm as CEO of the company, and in a recent letter to shareholders he explains that their crowdfunding… Read More

Next Up, As Seen on TV, Launching Crowdfunding Platform, Partners with Launcht

Expected to Launch Later this Summer, Will Combine Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns with Retail Channels. As Seen On TV, a multi-platform product marketing company and online shopping destination, announced that it will partner with white-label crowdfunding software provider Launcht, for a crowdfunding platform that will let inventors… Read More

Beats of Laughter, Crowdfunding to Beat Cancer

Cancer Bio-Entrepreneur Launches Beats of Laughter. Mona Jhaveri, Ph.D. Launches Crowdfunding Site Beats of Laughter – powered by Launcht.   Mona Jhaveri, Ph.D., a respected and forward-thinking Cancer Bio-entrepreneur, today launched Beats of Laughter, a non-profit organization and crowdfunding platform that is casting a spotlight on… Read More

New Energy Systems (NEST) Launches Crowdfunding for Free Energy Devices

New Energy System Trust, a network dedicated to advocating and supporting exotic free energy systems, has launched a crowdfunding site called New Energy Funding.  Powered by white label crowdfunding platform Launcht, NEST hopes to give entrepreneurs a platform to connect their ideas with the necessary… Read More

App Crowdfunding Site TrepLabs to Utilize Launcht Crowdfunding Software

Mimvi in conjunction with Entrepreneur Media Inc., has announced it has partnered with Launcht, a leading white-label crowdfunding software provider, for its TrepLabs crowdfunding venture. TrepLabs will provide highly-skilled app developers a stage to raise capital via crowdfunding, showcase new apps and technologies, and help… Read More

Launcht Featured on Vermont Public Radio (VPR)

A Vermont Public Radio story featured Launcht today, as reported by Steve Zind. The story highlighted the imminent prospect of equity crowdfunding. Launcht provided comment about the important blended value proposition offered by equity crowdfunding, one in which investors will invest for many different reasons, only… Read More

Three Revolutions: Vermont Based Mini Version of Kickstarter

Crowdfunding has taken off. Kickstarter is the best known crowdfunding site, but there are hundreds of online platforms devoted to raising money for individuals and businesses. The sites allow entrepreneurs, artists and others to pitch an idea for a project and collect donations to finance… Read More

State of International Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has become increasingly popular in the United States, especially since the passage of the JOBS Act.  With the anticipation of equity crowdfunding and growth of perk-based crowdfunding, in general, the number of registered websites containing the word “crowdfund” has increased by a tenfold, reaching… Read More

Two Boston Startups Team Up to Help 93 Companies Crowdfund Their Way to 600 Potential New Jobs

As we continue to try and pick ourselves up from this staggering economy, nothing sounds better than the promise of 600 new jobs—made possible due to a partnership between Boston-based consulting firm Find Boomer and crowdfunding platformLauncht. Together, they have developedVoltCrowd, a crowdfunding challenge turned startup accelerator…. Read More

Senior uses alumni’s business to help Hurricane Sandy victims

During the holidays, it is important for people to be with their families and not have to worry about where they will live, senior Greg Lauritano said. Lauritano hopes inLieu Giving will help make that a reality for victims of Hurricane Sandy, he said. inLieu… Read More

Art Effects owner turns to crowdfunding to raise needed funds for his business

Would you donate money to a for-profit business to help it raise the funds it needs to grow? Robert Elliot, founder of Art Effects LLC, hopes you and plenty of others will. Elliot’s company helps restore old buildings through decorative painting, and to help him… Read More

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