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U.S. Insurtech Lively Teams Up With Visa to Add New Debit Processor For HSA Program

U.S.-based insurtech Lively announced on Tuesday it has partnered with Visa to add a new debit card processing to its HSA program. Lively reported its customers now have access to their HSA funds and what the company believes is quick, reliable debit transactions secured by… Read More

U.S. Insurtech Lively Expansion Health Savings Account Accessibility With New Mobile App

Lively, a U.S.-based insurtech, announced on Thursday the launch of its new iOS mobile app, which offers more accessibility to customers’ health saving accounts (HSAs). Founded in 2016, Lively describes itself as a “modern” HSA platform for employers and individuals. The company explained that its… Read More

Crowdfunding for the crowd, not the funds: Why Lively launched on Kickstarter after raising VC money

Welcome to a new era of crowdfunding, where the “crowd” part is more important than the “funding.” Before “smartwatch” became a household term, the makers of the Pebble watch had been rejected, repeatedly, by investors. When the project’s Kickstarter campaign exploded, VCs were suddenly desperate… Read More

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