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US SEC Suspends Trading of Iced Tea Company that Pivoted to Blockchain During Crypto Bull Market of 2017

Long Island Iced Tea Company had rebranded itself as the Long Blockchain Corp (OTC:LBCC) back in 2017, which was during the historic crypto market bull run that had briefly led to Bitcoin surging to nearly $20,000 before crashing to below $4,000 by December 2018. Long… Read More

Reversal: Long Blockchain Corp. Decides Not to Proceed with Public Offering of Common Stock

Long Blockchain Corp. (Nasdaq: LBCC) has decided not to proceed with its previously announced public offering of common stock. Shares in the company jumped in pre-market trading following the announcement. Long Blockchain Corp. changed its name from Long Island Iced Tea Corp. in recent weeks… Read More

Long Blockchain Acquires 1000 Bitcoin Mining Machines to be Deployed this Month, Announces Common Stock Offer [u]

Long Blockchain Corporation (NASDAQ:LBCC) has signed an agreement to purchase 1000 Bitcoin mining machines manufactured by Bitmain.  The hardware, Antminer S9 mining rigs and 1,000 APW3++ PSUs, is expected to arrive this month and will be deployed at a data center in an experienced crypto mining… Read More

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