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US SEC Suspends Trading of Iced Tea Company that Pivoted to Blockchain During Crypto Bull Market of 2017

Long Island Iced Tea Company had rebranded itself as the Long Blockchain Corp (OTC:LBCC) back in 2017, which was during the historic crypto market bull run that had briefly led to Bitcoin surging to nearly $20,000 before crashing to below $4,000 by December 2018. Long… Read More

Long Blockchain, Previously Listed as Long Island Iced Tea, Receives De-Listing Notice

Long Blockchain Corporation (NASDAQ:LBCC), a company that famously changed its name from Long Island Iced Tea Corporation as it refocused its business on Blockchain technology, has received a de-listing notice from NASDAQ. According to and 8-K filed with the SEC, Long Blockchain received a Notice of… Read More

Former Long Island Iced Tea Corp, Now Long Blockchain Corp, Signs Convertible Debt Facility to Support Blockchain Pivot

Long Blockchain Corp. (NasdaqCM: LTEA) has entered into a two-million-dollar convertible debt facility, with an additional two-million-dollar option, to support its shift to focus on investments in  ventures relating to blockchain technology. Philip Thomas, CEO of the Company, commented on the announcement; “Our company recently… Read More

Long Blockchain Corp. Withdraws Proposed Public Offering as Company Pivots from a Beverage Based Business While Shares Jump

Long Blockchain Corporation, formerly called Long Island Ice Tea Corporation (NasdaqCM: LTEA), has withdrawn an S-1 registration statement following the interesting name change that swapped beverages for Blockchain. At yesterday’s market close, when the company was known more for the mixed drink, shares traded at… Read More

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