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Visa Teams Up With Safaricom to Enable the Development of Products to Support Digital Payments For M-PESA Customers

Safaricom, a Kenya-based telecom company and operator of M-Pesa, announced last week it has formed a new partnership with Visa (NYSE: V) to enable the development of products that will support digital payments for M-PESA customers. M-Pesa is a mobile banking service that allows users… Read More

China: WeiyangX Fintech Review

Financial Authorities Ban STOs in Beijing On December 1st, at the 2018 Global Wealth Management Forum, Huo Xuewen, director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Financial Work, warned that STO activities in Beijing would be seen as illegal. He said: “A new concept called STO… Read More

PayPal’s Latest Disruption: Inspired by Brick & Mortars?

While some fintechers have announced that brick and mortar banks are dead, others are emulating key features of traditional banks. Fintech behemoth PayPal is reportedly rolling out its new innovations that harken back to mainstream brick and mortar banks. According to wsj.com, PayPal has been… Read More

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