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Listed on Manhattan Street Capital, InSitu Biologics Tops $2 Million Crowdfunding Under Reg A+

InSitu Biologics is reporting that it has topped $2 million using the Reg A+ crowdfunding exemption. The company anticipates reaching $10 million in equity capital as the campaign continues into 2019. InSitu Biologics is a biotech firm that claims positive initial results in pre-clinical studies… Read More

Manhattan Street Capital Launches ManhattanStreet-ICO Program for Crowdfunded Offers

Manhattan Street Capital (MSC) has launched “ManhattanStreet-ICO”program for crowdfunding companies. The platform also said it will now accept cryptocurrency for issuers using Reg A+ and Reg D offerings. Several other investment crowdfunding platforms have recently announced their intent to facilitate ICOs. The shift by Manhattan… Read More

Manhattan Street Capital Jumps into Reg A+ Space with Blue Marble Biomaterials

Manhattan Street Capital has entered the Reg A+ crowdfunding space with its first offer for Blue Marble Biomaterials. The platforms is accepting investor indications of interest now. Manhattan Street Capital has positioned its platform as a Reg A+ specialist. This updated securities exemption was created… Read More

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