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NYCE Trades Shares of TEMPLE I on Securitize Following Reg CF Funding Round

NYCE, a real estate investment platform, has listed its shares on Securitize – a digital securities platform. Over time, NYCE aspires to be the Robinhood of real estate. NYCE previously raised capital utilizing the Reg CF (Regulation Crowdfunding) exemption, offering investment opportunities on both Wefunder… Read More

Reg CF Issuer NYCE Indicates Intent to Trade its Shares on BSTX

NYCE, a real estate investment platform, indicates in a recent filing that it intends to trade on BSTX, a regulated securities exchange. NYCE raised funding via several Reg CF offerings as well as a side-by-side Reg D 506c offering. First, in August 2020, NYCE raised… Read More

NYCE Returns to Wefunder for 3rd Reg CF Offering for Real Estate Investment

NYCE has returned to Wefunder for its 3rd Reg CF securities offering. As was previously reported, NYCE – a firm that wants to create a Robinhood for real estate, pursued two securities offerings on both Wefunder and Republic in late 2020. Once again, NYCE is… Read More

NYCE Tops $1 Million Using Reg CF on Two Different Funding Portals – Republic and Wefunder

NYCE, a real estate investment firm, recently raised $1 million using the Reg CF security exemption. Under current rules, $1.07 million is the maximum amount an issuer can raise in an offering. But NYCE used a bit of a different strategy to complete the funding round… Read More

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