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Canada’s Debit Network Interac Adds Backup Supplier After Massive Rogers Outage

Canada’s debit network Interac is reportedly adding a backup network provider after this past week’s large-scale outage at Rogers, which had left millions of clients unable to complete payments. In statements shared with Reuters, the company’s management noted: “We are adding a supplier (besides Rogers)… Read More

Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) Forced to Shut Down All-Day Monday due to Glitch in New Trading System from Nasdaq

The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) had to shut down for business on Monday (November 16, 2020) due to a software issue in a newly installed trading system – which was provided by Nasdaq. ASX’s management noted that the software glitch had created inaccurate market data… Read More

TransUnion Outage Said to Be Due to DDOS Attack

While TransUnion (NYSE:TRU) pursues a path of silence on the matter, yesterday’s outage is said to have been caused by a Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDOS) according to an industry insider. The TransUnion site is currently live and working fine as of this report…. Read More

Transunion Goes Down. Fintechs Irked

Transunion (NYSE:TRU), a financial services data platform and credit report provider, struggled with an outage today. At the time of this writing, Transunion’s website would not load and company representatives were not responding to an inquiry regarding the outage. Transunion is perhaps best known for… Read More

Tapping Out: Robinhood Goes Down. Again.

Robinhood suffered another outage today during a historic market rout as a combination of Coronavirus hysteria and a plunging oil market raised economic fears to a new height. Traders using the Robinhood platform once again endured a multi-hour outage. Services appear to be completely restored… Read More

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