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Monzo Announces New Abroad ATM Fee Amounts

Just one month after asking its Community to decide on ATM fee pricing, challenger bank Monzo announced the new prices for abroad ATM fees. The company shared in a post on Tuesday: “Last month we announced that we needed to explore charging for withdrawing cash from international… Read More

Monzo Asks Community to Decide on ATM Fee Pricing

Earlier this week, Crowdcube alum and challenger bank Monzo announced it was asking the Monzo Community to decide on ATM fee pricing. It was revealed: “We launched the Monzo Alpha back in October 2015 to a few hundred people. At the time, we said ‘we’re committed to launching… Read More

Monzo Teams Up With Deliveroo For New “Split the Bill” Feature

Crowdcube success and fintech company Monzo announced it has teamed up with Deliveroo for a new feature, Split the Bill. Deliveroo designer, James Storer, revealed details about the new app feature: “At Deliveroo, ‘split the bill’ is probably one of our most requested features, and it’s been… Read More

Curve Co-Founder Tom Foster-Carter Named COO of Monzo

Tom Foster-Carter, Co-Founder of fintech startup Curve, has joined challenger bank Monzo as its new Chief Operating Officer. Foster-Carter’s departure comes less than a month after the London-based company secured $10 million through its Series A funding round. According to TechCrunch, Curve shared details about Foster-Carter… Read More

Monzo Current Account Preview Now on Android App

Less than one month after announcing it was rolling out current accounts, challenger bank Monzo announced its current account preview is now available on its Android mobile app. The company revealed: “Three weeks ago today, we announced the beginning of the Monzo Current Account Preview, with… Read More

Monzo Begins to Roll Out Current Accounts Just a Few Months After Receiving Full UK Banking License

On Monday, challenger bank Monzo announced it has begun to roll out current accounts to customers. This news comes just a few months after the company received its full UK banking license.  “Back in April, when we received our full UK banking license we explained that we… Read More

Monzo Launches First Version of Banking Advice Platform Monzo University

On Thursday, UK-based challenger bank and Crowdcube FundedClub member, Monzo, announced the launch of its new community, Monzo University. This feature offers a place for the Monzo team to provide knowledge and help everyday people learn more about keeping up with their money. “The world of… Read More

Crowdcube Success Monzo Releases 2017 Annual Report

This week, Crowdcube success and challenger bank, Monzo, released it’s 2017 Annual Report, which was sent to Companies House, with the year ending on February 28, 2017.  According to the company, every company throughout the UK submits their yearly financial accounts to Companies House and consists… Read More

London & Partners Have No Fear: Record Level VC Investment Secures London’s Undisputed Tech Leadership

Record levels of venture capital investment at the start of 2017 has helped London retain its crown as Europe’s number one tech hub for global investors, according to new data from London & Partners, the Mayor of London’s promotional agency. “London remains Europe’s leading hub… Read More

Monzo Teams Up With Jumio to Create Strong Identity Verification For New & Existing Customers

Jumio, the creator of Netverify Trusted Identity as a Service (TIaaS), has today announced a partnership with Crowdcube alum and challenger bank, Monzo, to create strong identity verification for new and existing customers. The duo revealed that Monzo will be using Jumio to help verify customers whoa… Read More

The Key to Monzo’s Digital Banking Success

Traditional banking is facing tough times ahead. It’s easy to see why. The UK has lost 40% of its banks and building societies since 1989, considering usage of online banking has more doubled since 2007. After all, who wants to queue for an hour to see… Read More

BBC: Fintech Provides Better Choices & Services, Enter Monzo, Square (Video)

In this brief video entitled “FinTech How technology is changing the world of finance,” BBC Newsnight spotlights some problems facing SMEs when it comes to collecting payments. Fees overwhelm. Payments delayed. Fintech maverick, Crowdcube campaigner and Monzo CEO Tom Blomfield addresses how lack of competition allows brick… Read More

A World Tour of Equity Crowdfunding Campaigns

Nathan Rose is the Director of Assemble Advisory, an agency which specializes in helping businesses raise equity through crowdfunding. Originally from New Zealand, Nathan constantly crisscrosses the planet and speaks to entrepreneurs from around the world who have had success with equity crowdfunding. His insights… Read More

UK Fintech Envoy Eileen Burbidge’s Credit Card Stolen but Monzo Has Her Back

The UK’s Fintech Ambassador Eileen Burbidge encountered an unfortunate situation that too many people have endured (including yours truly). Burbidge had her credit card number ripped off and bogus transactions started to show up on her card. Burbidge eloquently shared the theft via twitter calling… Read More

Monzo Announcement: Banking License Restrictions Have Been Lifted

Monzo announced on Wednesday all of its restrictions have officially been lifted and it is now a fully licensed bank. This news comes just the company raised nearly £2.4 million from close to 6,200 investors during its latest Crowdcube funding round. As previously reported, Monzo raised funding on Crowdcube in March 2016…. Read More

Half of UK’s Financial Service Staff is Now Under the Women in Finance Charter

An additional 33 companies have registered for the UK’s Women in Finance Charter, the ground-breaking piece of legislature aimed to conquer gender inequality. This announcement arrives on the very first anniversary of the charter, which now includes 122 firms, over half a million people in… Read More

Monzo Completes Pre-Registration For Second Crowdcube Initiative: We’re Tallying the Exact Final Total Now!

App-only bank Monzo (formally know as Mondo) has completed the pre-registration portion of its second equity crowdfunding campaign. The company sought to raise £2.5 million, and by the end of the pre-registration round, it secured £12 million. A total of 41,267 people pledged to invest. More than £12… Read More

Update: Monzo Attracts Over £8.8 Million in Interest Two Days into Pre-Registered Campaign

Just a little over 48 hours after opening pre-registration for its upcoming equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube, app-only bank  Monzo (formally know as Mondo) has attracted more than £8.8 million in interest. The company’s original target for the funding round was £2.5 million, and the funds from the… Read More

Monzo Opens Pre-Registration For New Crowdcube Campaign & Quickly Attracts £5.8 Million in Interest

App-only bank Monzo (formally know as Mondo) announced on Tuesday it opened pre-registration for its new equity crowdfunding campaign. Originally seeking £2.5 million, the company has attracted more than £5.8 million in interest so far. As previously reported, Monzo launched its first crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube and raised… Read More

Monzo Milestones: £100 Million Spent By 100,000 Users

Crowdcube #FundedClub member Monzo announced it not only surpassed 100,000 users, but the users have also successfully spent £100 million. While sharing details about the 100,000th user, Monzo stated: “This year has been pretty exciting so far and today is no exception. We’re proud to announce… Read More