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Paul Elio Declares at TEDxDetroit: “Simple Innovations Can Have Far Reaching Benefits”

Elio Motors’ founder and CEO Paul Elio today said innovation can come from some of the simplest ideas, but can have world-altering results.  The entrepreneur made his remarks at TEDxDetroit, where he was one of nearly 50 visionary leaders who took the stage to inform… Read More

Elio Motors Dubbed One of Los Angeles Auto Show’s 2015 Top 10 Automotive Startups

Elio Motors, a car company that is known for its success on equity crowdfunding platform StartEngine, has been named Los Angeles Auto Show’s 2015 Top Automotive Startups. The car brand, which was created by automotive enthusiast Paul Elio, made the list and will be featured at… Read More

StartEngine & Elio Motors to Host Live Stream Event on September 9th to Discuss $30 Million Milestone

Elio Motors, one of the very first companies to leverage new Regulation A+ to “test the waters” and gage investor interest, will be sharing its experience tomorrow (September 9th) in a free Live Streamed event. Elio Motors listed its potential equity crowdfunding round on June… Read More

Elio Motors Tops $25 Million Reg A+ Goal as More than 6000 Investors Express Interest

Elio Motors is one of the first companies to take advantage of the new rules under Regulation A+ which went into effect on June 19th.  The new rules allow companies considering to raise capital under Reg A+ to “test the waters” to see if investors… Read More

AutoCycle Legislation Entered into House & Senate. May Help Elio Motors

Elio Motors is one of the first companies nationwide to use Regulation A+ to “test the waters” and gauge investor interest in backing their company.  Launched on StartEngine, Elio Motors has designed a 3 wheel, enclosed “AutoCycle” but, according to Elio, regulations that apply to… Read More

StartEngine Fires Up Equity Crowdfunding as Regulation A+ Allows Anyone to Invest

Los Angeles based StartEngine has launched its equity crowdfunding platform on the day that Regulation A+ now allows anyone to invest in early stage companies – not just the very rich.  According to company representatives, StartEngine will target aspiring investors – including North America’s over… Read More

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