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Pinwheel Is Now Plaid’s Provider for Direct Deposit Switching, Helps Power Payroll Data for Income Verification

Pinwheel, the provider of income and employment data engineered for fintech innovation, partners with Plaid, the open finance network, in order “to provide complementary payroll data services for its Income product.” In addition, Pinwheel will become “a Preferred Provider for direct deposit switching (DDS) services.”… Read More

Income Data Provider Pinwheel Joins Visa Fintech Partner Connect Program

Pinwheel, the provider of income and employment data provider engineered for fintech innovation, joined the Visa Fintech Partner Connect program. Visa Fintech Partner Connect participants “are Visa Ready certified by Visa and trusted by the global payments ecosystem to help technology companies build and launch… Read More

Credit Scoring, Lending in “Dire Need” of Innovation, Financial Services Survey Reveals

Pinwheel, the payroll data connectivity platform, released the results of a new survey “on consumer attitudes towards credit scoring and data sharing.” Findings demonstrate that: Financial institutions are missing out on servicing a portion of otherwise reliable borrowers due to current credit scoring methods miscategorizing… Read More

Banking Super App Douugh Teams Up with Pinwheel for Automated Direct Deposit Switching

Douugh Ltd, the banking ‘Super App’ on a mission to help customers budget, save and invest their money “to live financially healthier lives,” is pleased to announce a partnership with Pinwheel in order to facilitate automatic direct deposit switching for its US clients. Douugh’s clients… Read More

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