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20% of European Consumers Willing to Use Financial Services from Travel and Hospitality Providers – Report

The study of 2020 consumers in Germany, posted by Solaris, aimed to unearth consumer attitudes “to taking out financial services from brands in the tourism sector.” Key findings shared by Solaris are as follows: Consumers indicate high levels of confidence and trust towards tourism brands,… Read More

Coinbase Encourages 52M Crypto Holders to Advocate for Change, Focused on Supporting Financial Inclusion

Nearly nine in ten Americans believe it is time to update the financial system, but progress is being slowed “by resistance of those in power who embrace the status quo: outdated systems that limit economic freedom and opportunity for everyday Americans,” according to an updatre… Read More

Credit Scoring, Lending in “Dire Need” of Innovation, Financial Services Survey Reveals

Pinwheel, the payroll data connectivity platform, released the results of a new survey “on consumer attitudes towards credit scoring and data sharing.” Findings demonstrate that: Financial institutions are missing out on servicing a portion of otherwise reliable borrowers due to current credit scoring methods miscategorizing… Read More

Over 66% of Consumers Want their Financial Institution to Become More Sustainable: Report

The “Is the grass greener on the sustainable side?” report surveyed more than 6,000 consumers on their attitudes “to green finance globally.” As noted in an update from Mambu, the report reveals that, while the majority are in favor of greener financial options, consumers “have… Read More

Nearly 40% of US Consumers like Tesla Inc’s Decision to Accept Bitcoin as a Payment Method, according to New Survey

Consumer sentiment regarding Bitcoin (BTC) as a legitimate payment method has changed significantly following the historic crypto market bull run, which is truly unprecedented. With BTC prices reaching all-time highs (briefly hitting $49,000) on the heels of Elon Musk’s tech firm Tesla’s announcement that they’ve… Read More

Nearly 20% of Australians Now Own Cryptocurrency, As Attitudes Toward Bitcoin and Other Digital Assets Improved: Survey

As the price of Bitcoin (BTC), the flagship cryptocurrency, surpasses its previous all-time high (and recently breaking past the $24,000 mark), a new report reveals that “attitudes” toward the digital asset are “improving” with nearly one in five or 20% of Australians now “owning some”… Read More

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