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Lumerin Integrates with Portal DEX for Decentralized Bitcoin Mining and Cross-Chain Hashpower Trading

Lumerin, a “decentralized” Hashpower Marketplace built on Arbitrum that has built technology to make Bitcoin hashrate a liquid asset allowing for global access to peer-to-peer, decentralized hashrate trading, announced a new integration with Portal, the “trust-minimized,” cross-chain swaps that involve no bridges, custody or wrapping…. Read More

Portal, a Financial Self-Sovereignty Solution Provider Enabling Access to Bitcoin, Acquires Funding

Portal, a Fintech pursuing “financial self-sovereignty” with technology to access Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency markets, announced it has exited stealth mode and raised $34 million in seed funding. Investors that participated in the round “include Coinbase Ventures, Arrington Capital, OKX Ventures and Gate.io, as well… Read More

Portal, “DeFi on Bitcoin” Raises Money on Republic

Portal, a blockchain firm that has gained the backing of Coinbase Ventures, is raising growth capital on Republic. As it stands today, Portal has raised over $581,000 in less than two weeks. The offering has garnered the backing of 94 investors with just five days… Read More

Portal Secures $8.5M from Coinbase Ventures and Other Crypto Industry Investors to Bring Bitcoin-based DeFi to the Masses

Portal, a self-hosted Layer-2 wallet and “true” cross-chain DEX on Bitcoin that “makes atomic swaps between Bitcoin and other digital assets fast, secure, and private,” is pleased to confirm that it has finalized an $8.5 million round to develop a self-sovereign and “uncensorable” DeFi solution… Read More

Arubixs Gets Hit with Copyright Complaint, Flexible Smartphone Campaign on Indiegogo Pulled

On September 24th, San Francisco-based startup Arubixs launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for its wearable smartphone, Portal. The project quickly found some backer support perhaps lured by the wearable screen that was described as “flexible, shatterproof and water resistant”. The Arubix team described their objective;… Read More

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