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Chelsea Manning Supporters Launch GoFundMe Campaign For First Year Out of Prison Living Expenses

With Chelsea Manning set to be released from prison later this spring, supporters of the whistleblower have launched a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe to raise $100,000. The initiative’s launch comes less than a month after President Obama commuted all but four months of Manning’s prison sentence. Manning… Read More

Amplifier Foundation Raises Over $1.3 Million on Kickstarter to Present “We the People” Artwork on Inauguration Day

Last week, the Amplifier Foundation, teamed up with 2008 President Obama HOPE artwork creator Shepard Fairey, Colombian American muralist Jessica Sabogal, and Los Angeles artist Ernesto Yerena, to launch a Kickstarter campaign for “We the People” artwork, which will be presented at Inauguration Day this… Read More

Kickstarter Stands Up For Cuba’s Creative Community As President Obama Makes Historical Visit

In celebration of President Obama’s historical trip to Cuba, Kickstarter co-founder Yancey Strickler took to the crowdfunding platform’s blog to reveal the importance of supporting the country’s creative community. Strickler penned: “Today President Obama is in Havana during a historic visit to Cuba. He’s the… Read More

Supporters of Young Inventor Ahmed Mohamed Launch Crowdfunding Campaign Following Infamous Arrest

On Wednesday, 14-year-old Irving, Texas high school student Ahmed Mohamed received national and even international attention following his arrest for supposedly bringing a bomb to school. Teachers of Mohamed mistaken his latest invention, a clock, as a bombing device and immediately alerted local authorities. The teenager, who dreams… Read More

Cleveland Whiskey Launches Investment Crowdfunding Campaign to Raise $2.5M From Accredited Investors

Cleveland Whiskey, a bourbon and whiskey-producing startup from Cleveland, Ohio, has launched an investment crowdfunding campaign on its own website with a mission to raise $2.5 million to further expand its already products. According to Cleveland.com, Cleveland Whiskey has received national and international attention since its launch… Read More

President Barack Obama Names Kiva’s Julie Hanna Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship

On Monday, President Barack Obama named Julie Hanna, Kiva Executive Chair of the Board and Silicon Valley entrepreneur, a Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship (PAGE). The goal of PAGE is to help develop the next generation of entrepreneurs both at home and abroad. Continuing her work… Read More

Kickstarter Creates “2014: The Year in Review” For The White House

On Thursday (February 12th) Kickstarter’s Nitsuh Abebe unveiled the crowdfunding giant’s latest project, which involves The White House. The platform was reportedly recruited by The White House to create this code for its 2014 Year in Review. Abebe explained: “Last December, as 2014 was packing its bags, we… Read More

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