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Crypto Council for Innovation Comments on White House Crypto Statement, RFI Issued on Digital Assets

On Friday, the White House posted a statement on crypto and the administration’s policy pertaining to digital asset innovation. In recent months, multiple crypto firms have filed for bankruptcy and an algorithmic stablecoin, TerraUSD, ended up not being very stable – destroying holder value. Earlier… Read More

White House Statement on Crypto Appears to Show Growing Hesitancy on Digital Assets

On the same day the US Federal Reserve Board issued a new policy statement on banks engaging in crypto activity, several White House advisors posted a note on the “Administration’s Roadmap to Mitigate Cryptocurrencies’ Risks. The post pointed at the “tough year” for crypto, referencing… Read More

White House Posts Framework for Development of Digital Assets: Protect Investors but Promote Responsible Innovation

After months of behind-the-scenes discussion, the White House revealed its “Fact Sheet” on the responsible development of digital assets or crypto-assets. The Executive Order issued by the White House last March sought to outline the administration’s approach, is now being expanded to be utilized as… Read More

White House to Warn Crypto Needs Significant Regulation: Report

The drums keep pounding louder in regards to the need to regulate cryptocurrencies – perhaps, more importantly, stablecoins which act as a proxy for fiat currency. As was reported earlier, Fed Vice Chair Michael Barr echoed the above sentiment. Today, Fed Chair Jerome Powell is… Read More

US Economy Enters Recession, White House Attempts to Redefine Terminology

The US Economy delivered a second-quarter of GDP decline, an event that has historically determined that an economy is in recession. The US Department of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), reported that Q2 2022 GDP declined by -0.9%. This follows a Q1 decline of… Read More

White House Girds for GDP Decline and Possible Recession

Later this month, the US government will release GDP numbers which may or may not indicate the economy is in a recession. The White House is already taking steps to prepare for a potentially negative report. A recession is typically defined as two-quarters of negative… Read More

Commissioner Hester Peirce Questions Why SEC is Leading with Crypto Enforcement

Last week it was reported that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was doubling the size of its crypto enforcement team. The SEC also revealed that it had rebranded its Cyber Unit to the Crypto Assets and Cyber Unit to reflect its additional focus on… Read More

Michael Barr, a Former Ripple Advisor, Nominated as Vice Chair for Supervision of the Federal Reserve

Former Ripple advisor, Michael Barr has been nominated by President Joe Bident to become the Vice-Chair for Supervision of the Federal Reserve. The selection was announced by the White House earlier today. According to the administration, Barr is currently the Joan and Sanford Weill Dean… Read More

President Biden Nominates Mark Uyeda and Jaime Lizárraga as SEC Commissioners

The White House has finally selected two individuals to become Commissioners at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). President Joe Biden has selected: Jaime Lizárraga Mark Uyeda According to the White House, Jaime Lizárraga is currently a Senior Advisor to Speaker of the House Nancy… Read More

Jeffrey Alberts, Co-Head of Pryor Cashman’s Fintech Group, Comments on Digital Asset Executive Order

Last week, the White House issued an Executive Order on digital assets that outline an approach to regulating the emerging industry. While many details remain to be disclosed, and multiple agencies will be involved in building a regulatory strategy, the crypto industry was relieved that… Read More

Crypto Supporter Congressman Tom Emmer Unpacks His Thoughts on Digital Asset Executive Order

Congressman Tom Emmer, a supporter of blockchain technology and crypto in general, has tweeted out his thoughts on the Executive Order on Digital Assets. Published yesterday by the Biden White House, the Executive Order has been widely embraced by the crypto community as doing no… Read More

Dodging a Bullet? Bitcoin, Other Crypto Rise Following Benign Executive Order on Digital Assets [u]

Bitcoin is rebounding today jumping by over 8% since the early hours of the morning. Industry followers believe that the White House’s Executive Order addressing digital assets has helped to fuel the rise of Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies. Earlier this week it was… Read More

Executive Order on Digital Assets: “Shot in the Arm for Crypto”

Earlier today, the White House posted an anticipated Executive Order on Digital Assets. Currently, the interpretation from industry insiders is cautiously optimistic that the Administration is aiming to balance responsible innovation with the obvious benefits of crypto. The Order was not excessively prescriptive but leaves… Read More

White House Executive Order on Digital Assets Aims to Promote Innovation While Mitigating Risk, Illicit Activity in Cryptocurrencies

As was widely anticipated, the White House has posted an Executive Order targeting digital assets and cryptocurrencies. In a statement the White House explained their goal: “The rise in digital assets creates an opportunity to reinforce American leadership in the global financial system and at… Read More

White House Report: Executive Order on Crypto Regulation Expected this Week

Multiple reports are claiming that the White House will issue an Executive Order on cryptocurrency at some point this week. The news follows days of concern from some policymakers that Russia and its elites may leverage crypto to evade the growing list of economic sanctions…. Read More

Biden Administration Planning Crypto Regulation Proposal

The Biden administration is planning to roll out a proposal for crypto regulation as soon as next month, according to reports. The White House’s policy push is expected to be accompanied by legislative proposals emerging from Congress as the Executive and Legislative branches work to… Read More

Biden Administration Plans to Increase Taxes on 2.1 Million Small Businesses

The Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council (SBE Council) is warning that the Biden Administrations’ tax plan would raise taxes on 2.1 million small businesses – in contrast to the Administrations’ claims. Last week, the White House issued a Fact Sheet on the plan claiming the… Read More

White House Aligns with Limited Crypto Amendment. Will Digital Asset Innovation be Doomed?

Following the kerfuffle regarding the infrastructure bill’s inclusion of a broad definition of brokers in regards to digital assets, the blockchain industry joined in roundly criticizing the language as being extreme to the point of undermining crypto innovation. Soon, several Senators partnered to create a… Read More

Senator Lummis Says Amendment to Save Crypto Innovation Facing Major Headwinds as Infrastructure Vote Looms

Infrastructure used to mean roads, airports, bridges, etc. Today, infrastructure, as defined by our elected representatives, means oh so much more. The massive spending bill being foisted upon the populace by Congress is still being dissected but one area that it may impact is digital… Read More

CipherTrace Shares Report on Blockchain Analysis that Helped US Seize $2M+ in DarkSide Ransom Paid by Colonial Pipeline

On June 7, 2021, the US Department of Justice announced that they had managed to seize 63.69 BTC (valued at around $2.5 million) of the 75 BTC ransom Colonial Pipeline was forced to pay to DarkSide. This ransom recovery is notably the very first undertaken… Read More

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