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“Britain’s Next Bestseller” Crowdfunding for Books to Go Live March 28

Britain’s Next Bestseller, a crowdfunding platform for books, wants to revolutionize the way books are published.  Their simple mission – to shake up the way the publishing industry works. The platform follows the Crowdfunding model but states they do not risk the supporters’ investment. The… Read More

Bizarre Indiegogo Campaign Continues As Creator Asks Backers Not To Pledge

“I screwed up. I take full responsibility, and it is all my fault.” Not the most inspiring pitch for an Indiegogo campaign for Norilana Books. The company is behind on royalty payments to authors, and the story behind it is really quite sad. From the campaign… Read More

Crowdpublishr Wants to Fund, Publish, Distribute & Promote Books

Self-publishing options have overwhelmed prospective authors with a barrage of choices to professionally produce and market their books. Not only can publishing services be expensive and of uneven quality, recovering those publishing costs and as well as developing a committed readership can be elusive at… Read More

Award Winning Startup Abjjad Successfully Raises Equity on Eureeca

The first Arab social network for books, Abjjad, has successfully crowdfunded equity in their startup on Eureeca. The small company intended on raising $120,000 USD but surpassed that goal closing at $161,776 this past week.  The Amman, Jordan based company was funded by 43 investors… Read More

Crowdfunding Platform for Authors “Pubslush” Adds Community Feature

Pubslush Launches Enhanced Community Management for Publishers, Industry Professionals. This week Pubslush co-founders, Hellen and Amanda Barbara, have announced the addition of a new community feature to their crowdfunding platform.  The crowdfunding platform that allows authors to host their literary projects, will now allow Publishers,… Read More

#Crowdfunding News Roundup: December 9, 2013

Quartz | 2014 is the year of the internet of things—no, seriously, we mean it this time The “Internet of Things” movement is alive and growing and Quartz predicts that things will really take off in 2014. Of course, crowdfunding stands to be front and center… Read More

Crowdfunding News Roundup: October 21, 2013

Mashable | Social Web for Good: Crowdfunding Better Communities This article tells the story of Virginia Ramos, who has made a side job of selling her homemade tamales in San Francisco bars. She was banned from doing so by the San Francisco Department of Public… Read More

Crowdfunded Bereavement Book For Kids Attracts Orders From Around World

A YOUNG widow who published a children’s book on bereavement after her husband died in front of their son has already had orders from around world. Elke Barber, 38, wrote Is Daddy Coming Back in a Minute? in 2009 after her son Alex, then just… Read More

Crowdfunding Nervousness

Earlier this week, I launched a project on the crowd funding platform, Kickstarter. I’ve never done anything like it before, so I was understandably nervous. Crowd funding means that the online community financially support a project to get it up and running. If I don’t… Read More

Crowdfunding Novels Possible Through Authr.com

Despite Congressional laws putting crowdfunding on hold and making normally fruitful investment decisions easy, other methods to obtain much needed funds for projects – like writing books – has taken an interesting turn with recent launches of fundraising sites geared towards allowing anyone with authorship prowess to… Read More

Crowdfunding Kickstarts Book Projects

To be or not to be? Thanks to Ryan North, Shakespeare lovers of all ages will soon be able to take charge of Hamlet’s debate with himself. North, a Canadian writer and creator of Dinosaur Comics, has created a “choosable-path book” based on Hamlet, in… Read More

Emerging Writers’ podcast: Crowdfuding Works

This is a podcast recorded at the Emerging Writers’ Festival Roadshow. The Emerging Writers’ Festival returned to the NSW Writers’ Centre, to present the best of their annual ten-day festival in a special one-day event, including a series of panels and discussions about writing, writers… Read More

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