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Remember Ravean? The Company is Now Equity Crowdfunding on SeedInvest

Ravean was a pretty popular pre-sale campaign on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. The company created fashionable clothing, most notably their heated down jackets. One of the Ravean campaigns raised $1.3 million back in 2015 and the company has continued to use rewards based platforms as a… Read More

Exploding Hoverboards Cause Havoc for Some Products Shipping from China

Exploding “Hoverboards” are everywhere in the news these days. Craptaculous products by manufacturers with questionable quality control have placed the entire sector under scrutiny.  Recently an apartment in Hong Kong was torched by a combusting Hoverboard leaving residents homeless. The Lithium battery “exploded several times”…. Read More

Next Successful Kickstarter Campaign Moves to Indiegogo to Continue Sales

The revolving door of successful Kickstarter campaigns migrating to Indiegogo to extend product sales is continuing. Ravean, the “World’s First Heated Down Jacket with Mobile Charging” set out to raise a mere $100,000.  The project closed on Kickstarter last week at over $1.3 million driven by… Read More

Crowdfunding Mailbox: Trinity Wind Turbine Power Station, Ravean Heated Jackets & Luna Moon Lantern

Renewable energy is the future of electricity generation. Fossil fuels have served us well for the past several hundred years but it will eventually run out and, unfortunately, leaves a bit of a mess in its wake. Solar, wind, geothermal and more, are being leveraged… Read More

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