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StartEngine Reports Record Number of Listings in July

Investment crowdfunding platform StartEngine has circulated a note indicating the month of July was a good one for business. Reportedly, 15 new issuers listed on the crowdfunding site.  A quick trip over to StartEngine shows 33 live investment opportunities split between Reg A+ and Reg… Read More

Crowdfunding Now On StartEngine: Hylete, Monday Motorbikes, & More

StartEngine announced on Wednesday the launch of four new funding opportunities. The initiatives were dedicated to Hylete, Monday Motorbikes, Alkane Truck Company, and Rayton Solar (which previously Tested the Waters on the equity crowdfunding platform). Hylete Hylete is described as a community-driven performance fitness apparel brand…. Read More

Rayton Solar Reg A+ Qualifies. Seeks $7 Million on StartEngine

Rayton Solar explains that it has “bridged the gap between particle accelerator technology and solar energy production to create a revolutionary silicon cutting technique”. This new technology is predicted to reduce solar panel manufacturing dramatically thus making solar energy more affordable and efficient.  Founded by Andrew… Read More

Rayton Solar Is Testing the Waters: Uses Regulation A+ For New Cost-Effective Source of Energy Technology (Video)

This week, Rayton Solar, Inc. (Rayton Solar), announced it was testing the waters of Regulation A+ through crowdfunding platform, StartEngine. The California-based solar panel company is seeking to attract more investors as it prepares to develop a cost-effective source of energy through essential particle acceleration manufacturing technology…. Read More

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