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CrowdLustro Offers Testing the Waters Capability for Reg CF as Well as Other Assets

CrowdLustro, a Reg CF and alternative asset aggregation platform, has announced a new feature – a Testing the Waters option for issuers. Under current securities law, Reg CF (Regulation Crowdfunding) securities offerings may “Test the Waters” prior to an official launch of a funding round…. Read More

Blockstack Commences “Testing the Waters” for Possible Security Token Issuance Under Reg A+

In an email distributed yesterday (May 31), Blockstack announced the commencement of “Testing the Waters” for a potential security token offering (STO) under the Reg A+ security exemption. Last month Blockstack Token LLC filed a Form 1-A and offering circular with the Securities and Exchange… Read More

Western Canada’s RED Mountain Resort Set to “Test the Waters” on StartEngine

RED Mountain Resort, one of the Western Canada’s oldest resorts, announced it was launching its very own “Testing the Waters” (TTW) campaign on equity crowdfunding platform StartEngine this Tuesday (August 23rd).  Sharing details about the resort RED CEO, Howard Katkov, stated: “RED started as a ski club… Read More

Snapwire Skips Reg A+ for Reg CF Crowdfunding on StartEngine

Snapwire, a photo start­up that  allows brands to crowdsource photos for their social and marketing needs, announced that is had successfully filed and launched a Reg CF / Title III equity crowdfunding campaign under new rules provided by The JOBS Act that went into effect… Read More

Rayton Solar Is Testing the Waters: Uses Regulation A+ For New Cost-Effective Source of Energy Technology (Video)

This week, Rayton Solar, Inc. (Rayton Solar), announced it was testing the waters of Regulation A+ through crowdfunding platform, StartEngine. The California-based solar panel company is seeking to attract more investors as it prepares to develop a cost-effective source of energy through essential particle acceleration manufacturing technology…. Read More

Testing the Waters is ALL About Transparency

Testing the Waters, or TTW as it is called, is being successfully leveraged during Reg A+ crowdfunding campaigns. The concept is pretty simple.  For issuing companies that want to raise capital online, using TTW allows them to gauge investor interest.  Investors may register with a… Read More

Three Policy Issues that will Hold Regulation Crowdfunding Back

On May 16, 2016, the Securities and Exchange Commission’s rules implementing Title III of the JOBS Act will come into effect, allowing companies to raise funds under Section 4(a)(6) of the Securities Act. The SEC made some important improvements over the proposed rules that will… Read More

Regulation A+: Beyond the Hype and What’s Next

Recently I’ve been noticing a lot of hype in the entrepreneurial community regarding Reg A+ and there have been a lot of cheerful pitches about the new regulation that would allow young companies “to raise up to $50 million without the expense and complexity of a traditional… Read More

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