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Kickstarter-Funded Bill Nye Documentary to Premiere at SXSW 2017 With New Title

David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg, the filmmakers behind the Kickstarter-funded film The Bill Nye Film, announced on Tuesday that the documentary will premiere SXSW 2017, which will be held in March 10th-19h. As previously reported, the film surfaced on the funding portal in 2015 and captured $859,425… Read More

Rayton Solar Reg A+ Qualifies. Seeks $7 Million on StartEngine

Rayton Solar explains that it has “bridged the gap between particle accelerator technology and solar energy production to create a revolutionary silicon cutting technique”. This new technology is predicted to reduce solar panel manufacturing dramatically thus making solar energy more affordable and efficient.  Founded by Andrew… Read More

Filmmakers David Alvarado & Jason Sussberg to Show Off Exclusive Clips of Bill Nye Documentary During Kickstarter Q&A

Filmmakers behind the Kickstarter-funded Bill Nye Documentary, David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg, are set to show exclusive clips of the upcoming film during their Kickstarter Q&A session this evening. The project surfaced on the crowdfunding portal in 2015 and captured $859,425 from 16,850 backers. Its description reads:… Read More

Bill Nye Filmmaking Labs Offer Up New Kickstarter Documentary Update

Last week, the Bill Nye Film crew shared some details about the Kickstarter-funded documentary project. The project surfaced on the crowdfunding platform last summer and captured $859,425 from 16,850 backers. According to a new update, the project has met up with various scientists to chat about Nye’s impact on… Read More

“Bill Nye Film” Creators Offer Up A Production Update to Kickstarter Backers

Earlier this week, David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg, the filmmakers behind the upcoming Bill Nye Film documentary, announced a production update to their Kickstarter backers. The project surfaced on the crowdfunding portal last summer and slowly reached its initial $650,000 goal. By the end of… Read More

Bill Nye Film Project Secures $800,000 & Becomes Kickstarter’s Most Funded Documentary

With a few hours before the closing of its Kickstarter initiative, Bill Nye’s new film has reached over $800,000 thanks to 16,000 backers. Due to its popularity, the project has been dubbed the crowdfunding giant’s most funded documentary. New York City producers David Alvarado and Jason… Read More

Bill Nye Documentary Nears $650,000 Goal During the Final Days on Kickstarter; Popular Scientist Does Stretch Goal “Mean Tweets” Video

With less than a week until the Kickstarter comes to an end, Bill Nye Documentary is so close to raise its initial $650,000 goal! The project surfaced last month and has slowly (but surely) continued to gain funding momentum and popularity. New York City producers David… Read More

New York Filmmakers Launch Kickstarter For New Documentary About Popular Scientist Bill Nye

Seeking to honor one of the most popular scientists in the world, New York City producers David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg have hit Kickstarter to raise $650,000 for a new documentary dedicated to Bill Nye. While sharing details about the project, the duo wrote: “Bill Nye is on a… Read More

Bill Nye’s LightSail Scores Over $1M During the Final Days on Kickstarter

With less than three days until its Kickstarter comes to an end, famous science educator Bill Nye and The Planetary Society‘s LightSail project has successfully surpassed over $1 million thanks to nearly 20,000 backers. LightSail is described as a citizen-funded project by The Planetary Society, which is self-dubbed… Read More

Bill Nye’s Solar Sailing Spacecraft Secures Nearly $800,000 on Kickstarter

Bill Nye’s new project continues to draw eyes! Last month, the famous science educator and The Planetary Society took to Kickstarter with a mission to raise only $200,000 for his solar sailing spacecraft, LightSail. Now with nearly three weeks until its campaign comes to an end, nearly 16,000… Read More

Famous Science Educator Bill Nye Launches Kickstarter to Raise $200,000 For New Solar Sailing Spacecraft

Hoping his stardom will get a new space project off the ground, television host/science educator, Bill Nye and The Planetary Society are currently seeking to raise $200,000 on Kickstarter for solar sailing spacecraft, LightSail. LightSail is described as a citizen-funded project by The Planetary Society, which… Read More

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