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UK Government Adds COVID-19 Program to Support Early Stage Ventures. Is it Enough?

In a widely anticipated move, HM Treasury announced a new package of bailout programs for early-stage ventures that did not qualify for programs initially set into place to support the COVID-19 battered economy. There have been profound concerns that younger, entrepreneurial firms that require ongoing… Read More

HM Treasury Expected to Announce Support for Startups Hit by COVID-19 Crisis

Startups and early-stage firms are vital to any economy that seeks to foster robust growth and wealth creation. Yet many early-stage firms are focused more on growth than earnings, and thus would not qualify for the programs bundled together by the UK government during the… Read More

Save Our Startups: Seedrs Founder Shares Why

Last weekend, a campaign to aid early-stage UK firms, entitled Save Our Startups, was launched by a group of very high profile platforms, founders, investors, and advocacy groups. An Open Letter addressed to the PM was included and as of today over 4500 individuals have… Read More

Save Our Startups: Crowdcube Launches New Initiative to Help Early Stage Firms, Publishes Open Letter to Prime Minister

Crowdcube co-founder Luke Lang has announced a new initiative to help entrepreneurs and small companies during the COVID-19 crisis. Distributed in an email today, Crowdcube announced the launch of Save Our Startups (SOC). Simultaneously, Crowdcube posted an open letter directed to UK Prime Minister Boris… Read More

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