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Dodging a Bullet? Bitcoin, Other Crypto Rise Following Benign Executive Order on Digital Assets [u]

Bitcoin is rebounding today jumping by over 8% since the early hours of the morning. Industry followers believe that the White House’s Executive Order addressing digital assets has helped to fuel the rise of Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies. Earlier this week it was… Read More

PDX Coin Debuts On Uniswap, XT.com

PDX Coin, a utility-based cryptocurrency that includes an in-development global crypto-to-fiat mobile payments app, announced this week it will commence trading on both the Uniswap decentralized exchange and on XT.com, beginning today. Currently, PDX trades on p2pb2b.io and Vindax. Uniswap is the world’s biggest decentralized… Read More

PDX Coin to Offer Crypto-to-Fiat Payments, Banking Platform

PDX Coin has announced that it is developing an international virtual banking platform for the crypto-economy that will provide retail crypto-to-fiat payment capability. As mentioned in a release, the high-speed, bank-friendly payment platform aims to offer “a modern alternative to the traditional 70-year-old bank payments… Read More

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