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US Department of Treasury Issues Request for Comments on Digital Assets

The US Department of Treasury has issued a request for comments pertaining to the risks and opportunities affiliated with digital assets or crypto. Under Secretary of the Treasury for Domestic Finance, Nellie Liang issued the following statement on the request: “For consumers, digital assets may present… Read More

California: Governor Newsom Signs Executive Order on Blockchain Tech, Aims to Foster Innovation, Pursue Regulation

California Governor Gavin Newsom issued an Executive Order this week claiming to be the first state in the nation to begin creating a comprehensive and harmonized framework for responsible Web3 technology. According to a statement posted by the Governor’s office, the goal is to foster… Read More

Jeffrey Alberts, Co-Head of Pryor Cashman’s Fintech Group, Comments on Digital Asset Executive Order

Last week, the White House issued an Executive Order on digital assets that outline an approach to regulating the emerging industry. While many details remain to be disclosed, and multiple agencies will be involved in building a regulatory strategy, the crypto industry was relieved that… Read More

Crypto Supporter Congressman Tom Emmer Unpacks His Thoughts on Digital Asset Executive Order

Congressman Tom Emmer, a supporter of blockchain technology and crypto in general, has tweeted out his thoughts on the Executive Order on Digital Assets. Published yesterday by the Biden White House, the Executive Order has been widely embraced by the crypto community as doing no… Read More

Dodging a Bullet? Bitcoin, Other Crypto Rise Following Benign Executive Order on Digital Assets [u]

Bitcoin is rebounding today jumping by over 8% since the early hours of the morning. Industry followers believe that the White House’s Executive Order addressing digital assets has helped to fuel the rise of Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies. Earlier this week it was… Read More

Executive Order on Digital Assets: “Shot in the Arm for Crypto”

Earlier today, the White House posted an anticipated Executive Order on Digital Assets. Currently, the interpretation from industry insiders is cautiously optimistic that the Administration is aiming to balance responsible innovation with the obvious benefits of crypto. The Order was not excessively prescriptive but leaves… Read More

Secretary of Treasury Yellen Issues Statement on Digital Asset Executive Order

Secretary of Treasury Janet Yellen has issued a commend on the Executive Order published today that addresses the fast-growing digital asset industry. Secretary Yellen said that President Joe Biden’s order calls for a coordinated approach to digital asset policy: “This approach will support responsible innovation… Read More

White House Executive Order on Digital Assets Aims to Promote Innovation While Mitigating Risk, Illicit Activity in Cryptocurrencies

As was widely anticipated, the White House has posted an Executive Order targeting digital assets and cryptocurrencies. In a statement the White House explained their goal: “The rise in digital assets creates an opportunity to reinforce American leadership in the global financial system and at… Read More

White House Report: Executive Order on Crypto Regulation Expected this Week

Multiple reports are claiming that the White House will issue an Executive Order on cryptocurrency at some point this week. The news follows days of concern from some policymakers that Russia and its elites may leverage crypto to evade the growing list of economic sanctions…. Read More

Open Banking Executives Laud Inclusion of Easier Bank Switching in Biden Executive Order on Competition

Earlier today, President Joe Biden signed the Executive Order that included a litany of policy objectives that are ostensibly designed to improve competition. While some aspects may fall short, one area that may please Open Banking (or Open Finance) advocates is the inclusion of easier… Read More

Biden Administration Issues Executive Order on Hodgepodge of Items “Promoting Competition” Including Banking. But Will the Policy Move Really Help SMEs?

  As anticipated, the Biden Administration has issued an Executive Order that is said to promote competition in the US economy. The order is extensive and includes a list of 72 areas where Joe Biden seeks to change. Included in the list is net neutrality,… Read More

President Trump Signs Executive Order to Ban US Transactions with Chinese Fintech Apps like Alipay, Tencent’s Digital Wallets

US President Donald Trump has signed an order that aims to place a ban on US transactions with eight major Chinese apps – which reportedly includes Ant Group’s Alipay and Tencent Holdings’ online wallets. Notably, this order has arrived just days before the Trump administration… Read More

President Trump Signs Executive Order to Ban Venezuela’s Petro Cryptocurrency

Less than two months after Venezuela issued a white paper on its proposed cryptocurrency, Petro, President Trump has signed an executive order that bans the controversial cryptocurrency. As previously reported, Petro’s background dates back to “proposals for global financial and monetary coordination prior to the hegemony… Read More

Here is the Most Recent Executive Order from President Trump Addressing Regulatory Reform

President Donald Trump has been flexing the power of his office by enacting multiple Executive Orders (EO). The most recent from the Trump administration is, once again, addressing regulatory reform.  Trump has signed two other EOs tackling regulations that may impact the financial services sector…. Read More

Here is the Executive Order Regarding Financial Regulations Signed by President Trump

President Trump signed another Executive Order today. This time it was targeting financial regulations and the growing morass of regulation that has been piled upon the electorate. In a televised presser, President Trump signed the order on “Core Principles for Regulating the United States Financial… Read More

Here is the Executive Order to Reduce Regulation & Regulatory Costs Signed by President Trump

Under a backdrop of a tumultuous few days for the Trump Administration, President Trump signed another Executive Order – this time addressing reducing regulation and controlling regulatory cost, largely for smaller business. In a press event, President signed the order while criticizing Dodd-Frank indicating this… Read More

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