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Snowball Effect’s Shaun Edlin: Here’s Some Advice For Businesses Looking to Secure Funds Through Crowdfunding (Video)

  Earlier this month, Snowball Effect’s head of deal flow, Shaun Edlin, recently shared some advice on how businesses can find success through crowdfunding initiatives. During his interview with Xero Accounting Software, Edlin revealed: “Businesses are literally raising hundreds of millions of dollars through crowdfunding at the… Read More

Aeronavics: New Zealand’s “Largest Ever” Equity Crowdfunding Offer Tops $1 Million

Kiwi investment crowdfunding platform Snowball Effect has just shared their most recent investment opportunity, “Aeronavics” has zoomed past the $1 million NZ mark and can now claim to be the “largest ever” equity crowdfunding campaign in New Zealand.  Aeronavics is a top zone designer and… Read More

Carbonscape Passes Minimum $400K on Snowball Effect, Targets $1.5 Million

The most recent equity crowdfunding campaign on Snowball Effect is the offer from CarbonScape seeking a max raise of NZD $1.5 million. CarbonScape launched on October 23rd and as of today has surpassed their minimum target by raising over NZD $400,000. The offer is for… Read More

New Zealand’s CarbonScape Looks to Crowdfunding Platform Snowball Effect to build Production Plant

Marlborough-based CarbonScape, which has the technology that could slash global greenhouse gas emissions is inviting the public to invest, is the latest company to raise capital through the new crowdfunding platform Snowball Effect, to build a continuous production pilot plant. The offer, which has just gone live… Read More

2nd Equity Crowdfunding Offer on Snowball Effect is Film by Lee Tamahori

Lee Tamahori rose to acclaim with the critical success of award winning film Once Were Warriors – a production that went on to return more than $6.5 million to Kiwi investors..  Tamahori went on to direct Hollywood blockbusters such as James Bond’s Die Another Day…. Read More

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