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New Zealand: Snowball Effect to Offer Investors Access to OurCrowd’s OC50 Fund

Investment crowdfunding platform Snowball Effect will offer platform investors access to OurCrowd’s OC50 Series IV Fund. Snowball Effect has partnered with OurCrowd to give investors in New Zealand a simple way to get access and exposure to global investment opportunities. OurCrowd is one of the… Read More

New Zealand: Snowball Effect Launches New Debt Product

Snowball Effect, a leading investment crowdfunding platform in New Zealand, is launching new debt products as it expands it services to firms looking to move beyond equity capital. Since platform launch, Snowball Effect has helped Kiwi businesses raise over $70 million. By providing online capital… Read More

New Zealand: Snowball Effect Distributes 2019 Recap

Snowball Effect, the top crowdfunding platform operating in New Zealand with about 70% of the market, recently distributed an update on platform progress. A highly curated marketplace, Snowball Effect was the first crowdfunding platform to launch in New  Zealand back in 2014. According to the… Read More

New Zealand: Snowball Effect Updates on Progress

Kiwi investment crowdfunding platform Snowball Effect has shared their annual update and according to the investment platform – it has been a banner year. Snowball Effect reports that it has raised more capital than any previous year and continues to grow steadily. Snowball Effect believes… Read More

Since New Zealand Enacted Securities Crowdfunding $66.3 Million Has Been Raised and Invivo Wines is the Largest Round at $4 Million +

According to a note from Snowball Effect – a leading Kiwi crowdfunding platform, since New Zealand’s crowdfunding legislation was passed in 2014, the local industry as a whole has raised a combined $66.3 million across all equity crowdfunding offers. At the top of list is Invivo Wines…. Read More

Snowball Effect Three Year Update: $29 Million Raised for 35 Successful Issuers

  Snowball Effect received the very first equity crowdfunding license offered to a funding portal in New Zealand three years ago. The Financial Market Authority granted a license that became effective on July 30, 2014.  The event ushered in a new era of online investment in New… Read More

After Three Years of Operation, Equity Crowdfunding Platform Snowball Effect Reports First Profit

Here is something we do not read too often. New Zealand based equity crowdfunding platform Snowball Effect has recorded a profit for the year ending March 2017. According to multiple reports, Snowball Effect posted net earnings of $12,404 versus a loss of $76,428 for the… Read More

P2P Fashion Marketplace Designer Wardrobe Raises $1.7 Million on Snowball Effect

Designer Wardrobe, a New Zealand based fashion marketplace, has successfully raised $1.7 million through online private equity marketplace Snowball Effect. The raise attracted investment from several prominent investors, including Stephen Tindall’s K1W1 fund and venture capital investor Aaron Bhatnagar, as well as solid interest from over 150… Read More

Snowball Effect: Increasing of Investment Activity, Dealflow, & Launch of Several New Products in 2016 Calls For Expansion

Just one month into the new year, Snowball Effect announced that 2016 was a recording breaking year for the Kiwi equity crowdfunding platform and is looking to expand its team. The funding portal revealed: “2016 was a record year for Snowball Effect with increasing investment… Read More

Snowball Effect Celebrates 2 Years of Crowdfunding

Snowball Effect, the leading equity crowdfunding platform in New Zealand, is celebrating 2 years of operation in the Kiwi nation. In recognition of their anniversary and platform growth, Snowball Effect has shared some platform highlights along with a deck (embedded below). New Zealand, in many… Read More

G3 Group, a Listed Company, Raises Capital on SnowBall Effect

First Publicly Traded Company to Raise Money via Equity Crowdfunding Platform in New Zealand. G3 Group Limited (G3) (NXT:GGL), the first company to list on the new NXT market 15 months ago, is raising up to $3 million in additional capital using equity crowdfunding platform… Read More

Alternative Finance Platform Lender Squirrel Money Launches Secondary Market For Investors

Squirrel Group, a mortgage broker and peer to peer lender, announced on Thursday the launch of its Secondary Market, which now allows loans to be on-sold to other investors. The lender revealed since its launch in November, the Secondary Market has been notably the most requested… Read More

New Zealand Fashion Brand Andrea Moore Seeks $250,000 on Snowball Effect

Andrea Moore, a Kiwi fashion brand, has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Snowball Effect to raise a minimum of $250,000 (max $750,000). The nationwide retailer offers premium womenswear fashion which includes apparel, knitwear, eyewear, footwear, jewelry, leather bags and accessories. The company, which was launched… Read More

Crafting A Winning Equity Crowdfunding Pitch

  A “pitch” is the information about your company, your team and the investment proposition. Founders often find pitching to be difficult and time-consuming. But pitching is a critical and necessary step to successfully raising funds – and equity crowdfunding is no exception. Equity crowdfunding… Read More

Alternative Finance Platform Squirrel Group Surpasses $3M on Snowball Effect

Squirrel Group, an alternative finance platform consisting of Squirrel Money, Squirrel Mortgages, Squirrel Money Services and TenanSee has successfully secured $3 million during its funding round on Snowball Effect. As previously reported, Squirrel Mortgages is considered one of the largest mortgage brokers in New Zealand with expectations for… Read More

Squirrel Group Crowdfunding Offer Now Open to the Public on Snowball Effect

Squirrel Group, an alternative finance platform consisting of Squirrel Money, Squirrel Mortgages, Squirrel Money Services and TenanSee is now open to the general public on Snowball Effect.  As Crowdfund Insider reported previously, Squirrel Group is seeking a sizeable equity crowdfunding round of $4.97 million. Last… Read More

Multiple Kiwi Crowdfunding Platforms are Sizing Up Real Estate Investing

The New Zealand investment crowdfunding market has progressed rapidly since the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) provided a regulatory structure to allow both equity and debt based platforms to operate. Today there are 8 equity operations and 4 licensed peer to peer platforms. New Zealand is… Read More

Snowball Effect’s Shaun Edlin: Here’s Some Advice For Businesses Looking to Secure Funds Through Crowdfunding (Video)

  Earlier this month, Snowball Effect’s head of deal flow, Shaun Edlin, recently shared some advice on how businesses can find success through crowdfunding initiatives. During his interview with Xero Accounting Software, Edlin revealed: “Businesses are literally raising hundreds of millions of dollars through crowdfunding at the… Read More

P2P Lender Squirrel Group Seeks Big $5 Million Equity Crowdfunding Round on Snowball Effect

Squirrel Group, a mortgage broker and peer to peer lender is looking to raise $5 million in funding and they are using Snowball Effect to help things along.  The offer, which is coming prior to an anticipated public listing, has garnered significant interest. So much,… Read More

Equity Crowdfunding is a Lot of Work. Invivo Wines Shares Story of Success

Invivo Wines raised a respectable $2 million on Kiwi investment crowdfunding platform Snowball Effect last year. Prior to listing shares on the site, Invivo was described as the fastest growing wine brand in New Zealand. The company had set a funding target of $500,000 on… Read More

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