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Australian Central Bank Assistant Governor Says Her Country Has No Need for a National Cryptocurrency

Reserve Bank of Australia Assistant Governor Michelle Bullock told audiences at the Sibos Conference in Sydney this week that she does not believe Australia and other central banks have any reason to create a national digital currency settled on blockchain, Financial Review (FN) reports. Sibos is… Read More

Fintech Bridge: UK Sends Large Fintech Delegation to Australia for SIBOS, Intersekt

The UK Department for International Trade, along with the Prime Minister’s Fintech Ambassador Al Lukies, are heading to Australia as part of the “GREAT Britain showcase.” The group will be participating in Sibos 2018 taking place in Sydney. According to the UK government, the delegation’s aim… Read More

Realty Mogul Hits $2 Million Raised, Surpassed $1 Million Just Last Month

Realty Mogul is a Finalist at Innotribe SWIFT. Real estate crowdfunding site Realty Mogul tipped its hat by announcing it had just surpassed the $2 Million mark after just having surpassed the 1$ Million the end of May.  The site has been crowdfunding only since… Read More

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