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PeerBerry Reports €36.8M of War-Affected Loans Repaid to Investors

PeerBerry recently revealed that its business partners are repaying €1.8 million worth of war-affected loans. PeerBerry writes in a blog post that under the current Group guarantee mechanism in 14 months of the war, the investment platform’s business partners have already repaid €36.8 million, or… Read More

PeerBerry Investors Funded €65.53M of Loans Last Month, an 18.5% MoM Increase

In March, PeerBerry investors reportedly funded €65.53 million of loans, “i.e., €10.23 million or 18.5% more than the previous month.” In March, their investors “received €877 001 in interest.” 1071 new investors joined the platform last month. The average annual ROI on PeerBerry “in March… Read More

PeerBerry Reports that €34.8M of War-Affected Loans Were Repaid to Investors

PeerBerry business partners are “repaying EUR 1.7 million of war-affected loans.” Under the Group guarantee mechanism in 13 months of the war, PeerBerry business partners have already “repaid EUR 34.8 million, or 69,3% of the total war-affected obligations towards PeerBerry investors.” Remember that AutoMoney UA… Read More

PeerBerry Business Partners Repay Over €1.6M of War-Affected Loans

PeerBerry business partners are repaying more than €1.6 million of war-affected loans. As noted in the update from PeerBerry, AutoMoney UA and Slon Credit UA long-term loans are being “repaid under the initial loan schedule.” The last payments of these loans “are being repaid with… Read More

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