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France: Sowefund Acquires Assets of Defunct Crowdfunding Platform SmartAngels

Sowefund, a France based investment crowdfunding platform, has purchased the assets of defunct platform SmartAngels, according to Sowefund’s website. SmartAngels ceased its crowdfunding activity at the end of 2018. The SmartAngels URL now redirects to Sowefunds with a “welcome” post for visitors: “The SmartAngels investment… Read More

CEO of Sowefund: French Equity Crowdfunding is Not in Decline

Recently, the French Crowdfunding Association (Financement Participatif France or FPF) published their annual crowdfunding barometer. The report indicated that alternative finance continues to grow in France but when you separate equity crowdfunding, this segment indicates a decline. Crowdfund Insider published an article on the FPF… Read More

French Tech Startups Make a Strong Show at CES, French Crowdfunding Platform Sowefund Presents Five of Them.

The French contingent of Tech startups exhibiting at the CES, the global consumer electronics show held this week in Las Vegas, is the third largest one after the US and the Chinese delegations. More than 300 French startups unveil their innovation at the show. Observers… Read More

Co-Investing with Angels at France’s Sowefund Crowdfunding Platform

How does equity crowdfunding co-exist with business angel networks and seed investment clubs? Does it enable networks to attract new members, or, on the contrary, does it lure existing members away from the networks? Numbers from France Angels, the French Federation of business angels, seem… Read More

Raizers Targets Ambitious Pan-European Equity Crowdfunding

  The 28 countries of the European Union are a very long way from offering a homogeneous regulation environment for crowdfunding. This is particularly true of equity crowdfunding which touches on multiple heavily regulated areas of finance such as investment advice, securities trading, retail banking… Read More

Sowefund: First Investment Crowdfunding Site Approved by French Regulators

The French investment crowdfunding platform Sowefund, launched in September 2014, has been approved to operate a crowdfunding platform under the French statute designating the Conseiller en Investissements Participatifs (CIP) by ORIAS. The new French regulations providing rules for crowdfunding were introduced earlier in 2014 and… Read More

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