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Alchemy Pay Announces Support for Cash Payments via Crypto On-Ramp Service for Taiwan Consumers

Alchemy Pay, the fiat-payment gateway, now supports cash payments on its On-ramp service for Taiwan users that enhances the convenience of purchasing crypto-assets. Users can now place the order and pay with cash in Taiwan’s local fiat currency, TWD, at popular offline convenience stores “such… Read More

Alchemy Pay Enters New Partnership for Global Payments Expansion

Alchemy Pay, a fiat-crypto payment solution provider, Danal, an integrated payment business company, and Danal Fintech, the Korean domestic specialist in virtual asset payments, announced the signing of a partnership agreement on June 25. This Memorandum of understanding (MOU) aims “to enhance the competitiveness of… Read More

Alchemy Pay Supports Phygital Collection Purchases via Another-1 with NFT Checkout

Alchemy Pay, the crypto payment solutions provider, now enables users to purchase physical-digital blended fashion collections on the Another-1 platform, a Web3 phygital fashion platform built on Polygon, using its NFT Checkout solution. With this integration, users who seek to mint and “acquire phygital assets… Read More

Alchemy Pay to Introduce Digital Banking Solution for Web3 focused Enterprises

Alchemy Pay, the fiat-crypto payment solution provider, is set to launch its latest venture, the Web3 Digital Bank. This new initiative will offer global Web3 businesses “a compliant, easy, and reliable means to open and operate multi-fiat accounts, streamline cash flows within a single account,… Read More

Alchemy Pay to Support of Tether’s Stablecoin USDT on TON Network

Alchemy Pay has integrated the newly-launched USDT on TON stablecoin by Tether onto its payment ramp, expanding accessibility and enhancing the user experience “for those looking to engage with USDt on TON through fiat transactions, reaching out to the vast network of Telegram’s 900 million… Read More

UK Fintech LaPay Reportedly Receives Investment from Alchemy Pay

Alchemy Pay has invested in LaPay UK Ltd, a Fintech dedicated to facilitating international business growth for companies. LaPay holds an Authorised Payment Institution (API) License in the UK “with reference number 914920 and is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).” The strategic investment… Read More

Alchemy Pay Introduces Card as a Service for AI Analysis

Alchemy Pay, the fiat-crypto payment service provider, introduces its Card-as-a-Service (CaaS) for AI Analysis, a firm focused on AI, blockchain, and FinTech. This service empowers AI Analysis “to issue customized branded Mastercard AIA cards effortlessly, eliminating the need for managing card infrastructure intricacies. With these… Read More

Spot Bitcoin ETF Approvals Signifies a Significant Step Towards Institutionalization of Cryptocurrencies According to Alchemy Pay

Alchemy Pay, a payment gateway that connects crypto with traditional fiat currencies for businesses, developers, and end users, notes that the approval of the Bitcoin Spot ETF signifies a significant step “towards the enhanced institutionalization of cryptocurrencies, paving the way for bitcoin to reach a… Read More

MultiBit, an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and Bitcoin Bridge, Introduces Alchemy Pay’s On-Ramp Solution

MultiBit, a dual sided bridge between EVM and bitcoin, has introduced Alchemy Pay’s On-Ramp solution on its website. This integration reportedly enhances user convenience, “enabling them to utilize their chosen fiat payment methods effortlessly to acquire $MUBI token on MultiBit’s platform. Furthermore, the $MUBI token… Read More

Alchemy Pay, the Fiat-Crypto Payment Gateway, Partners with Worldpay

Alchemy Pay, the firm supporting fiat-crypto payment gateways, has entered into a strategic partnership with Worldpay, the global acquirer, to amplify its payment channels and elevate its payment capabilities. This partnership grants access “to Worldpay’s Visa and Mastercard payment rails on Alchemy Pay’s On &… Read More

Alchemy Pay, the Crypto Payment Solutions Provider, Expands Services Across Europe and the UK

Alchemy Pay, the crypto payment solutions provider, has expanded its payment options in the Europe and UK regions. The introduction of the Euro Instant solution SEPA Instant and the UK fast e-money transfer solution Faster Payments enhances its On-Ramp service, “allowing users to swiftly execute… Read More

Alchemy Pay Teams Up with Trekki NFT to Extend Functionality of NFT Checkout, Backed by Trip.com

Alchemy Pay, a fiat-crypto payment gateway, has established a partnership with Trekki NFT, and extended the functionality of its NFT Checkout in order “to support and facilitate its minting processes.” These unique NFTs, “bearing a travel theme,” are backed by the global online travel services… Read More

Web3 Adoption: CyberConnect’s CYBER Accessible via Alchemy Pay On-Ramp for Seamless Purchases

CyberConnect, the Web3’s “earliest” and “biggest” decentralized social network, has formed a partnership with Alchemy Pay in order to “have its native token $CYBER listed on Alchemy Pay’s fiat On-Ramp.” This token integration “provides users with a straightforward and compliant way to effortlessly acquire CYBER… Read More

Digital Currency Payments: Alchemy Pay, YouSUI to Support Fiat-Crypto Ramp Services

Alchemy Pay’s fiat-crypto On-Ramp has been integrated into YouSUI’s platform to allow users to make direct fiat to crypto purchases with local fiat currencies and multiple payment methods. The Off-Ramp solution has gone live “on its platform as well, which facilitates the effortless selling of… Read More

Digital Currency: Fibonacci Launches Alchemy Pay’s On and Off Ramp for Seamless Transactions

Fibonacci, a commercial public chain that focuses on the social field and builds a social and creator economic ecosystem, has partnered with Alchemy Pay “to provide a convenient fiat on-ramp and off-ramp solution within its ecosystem.” With this collaboration, Alchemy Pay “offers a user-friendly plugin… Read More

Blockchain Network Ontology, Alchemy Pay to Integrate its On and Off Ramp

Ontology, a blockchain network focused on enhancing trust, privacy, and security in Web3 by offering decentralized identity and data solutions, has formed a partnership with Alchemy Pay to integrate its on and off ramp solution. Through Alchemy Pay’s plugin, dApps and platforms on Ontology “can… Read More

Digital Currency: Alchemy Pay Supports Indian Rupee for Local UPI Payments to Crypto On-Ramp

Alchemy Pay now supports India’s UPI domestic transfer payments for crypto purchases in India. By enabling users to pay by Unified Payments Interface, India’s domestic transfer system, it is possible for Indian bank account holders “to buy and sell cryptocurrency with the Indian rupee.” As a… Read More

Decentralized Trading Platform DODO Launches Alchemy Pay’s Ramp Solution for Frictionless Purchases

DODO, an algorithm-driven and decentralized trading platform, has launched Alchemy Pay’s on & off ramp solution on its platform. Alchemy Pay’s payment ramp “supports fiat deposits with Visa and MasterCard, as well as numerous popular fiat mobile wallets in emerging markets.” The ramp integration “makes… Read More

Crypto Exchange OKX Deploys Alchemy Pay’s Fiat Onramp Solution for Seamless Purchases

OKX has launched the Alchemy Pay fiat-crypto on-ramp solution on its platform. Alchemy Pay’s payment on-ramp “supports fiat deposits with Visa and MasterCard, as well as numerous popular fiat mobile wallets in emerging markets.” The ramp integration “makes it easy for the public to access… Read More

Conflux Network, Alchemy Pay to Offer Fiat-Crypto Payment Services

Conflux Network, a permissionless Layer 1 blockchain connecting decentralized economies across borders and protocols, has teamed up with Alchemy Pay for easy fiat on-ramp to its ecosystem. The on-ramp payment solution “enables users to purchase crypto via local fiat currencies, which will take Conflux’s ecosystem… Read More