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Global Bank Consortium Announces New Capital Markets Syndication Platform “DirectBooks”

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Global Bank Consortium, a group of global financial institutions, announced on Friday it has created a new capital markets syndication platform, DirectBooks. The organization reported that the financial institutions partnering to develop the platform are Bank of America, Barclays, BNP Paribas, Citi, Deutsche Bank, Goldman… Read More

LendInvest Syndicates £12 Million Property Loan in Platform First

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LendInvest, an alternative property lender, has partnered with Merseyside Pension Fund to finance a loan secured against a development site in Canary Wharf. The £12 million deal was originated by LendInvest and syndicated with Merseyside Pension fund. The syndication was a first for the online… Read More

Syndication is the What, Crowdfunding is the How

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Syndication and crowdfunding are terms that have been used interchangeably within the last decade, and their concepts and meaning have become increasingly blurred. However, whereas syndication focuses on funding relationships and structure between the funder and funded, crowdfunding is a method of finding investors (or… Read More

F50 Venture Capital Firm Debuts Beta Version of Its New Co-Investment Syndication Platform

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F50, a venture capital startup announced this week it has launched the beta version of its co-investment platform and has successfully begun syndication. The firm has reportedly secured commitments to invest over $1 million in Knightscope’s Series B round of funding, a company that has… Read More

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