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Syndication is the What, Crowdfunding is the How

Syndication and crowdfunding are terms that have been used interchangeably within the last decade, and their concepts and meaning have become increasingly blurred. However, whereas syndication focuses on funding relationships and structure between the funder and funded, crowdfunding is a method of finding investors (or… Read More

OurCrowd Founder and CEO Jon Medved Shares his Vision on Crowdfunding, Startups, SPVs and Liberal Arts

  “I think that what OurCrowd and others have done in this space until now has been quite subversive and wonderful and democratic.” OurCrowd, which is run by serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist Jon Medved, has put at least $170 million to work in roughly… Read More

SyndicateRoom Chooses Nominee Structure: Multiple Shareholders Unite

SyndicateRoom, the investment crowdfunding platform that received “Best Investment Platform”  at the recent 2015 Growth Investor Award, changed its direct shareholding model in favor of a nominee structure on 7 November. Seedrs  has been a forerunner in this approach noting that “aggregating” shareholders generates better outcomes versus one to… Read More

SyndicateRoom Congratulates Seedrs on Funding Round but Questions Structure of Share Offer

Last week, equity crowdfunding platform Seedrs offered shares to their broader audience as part of a funding round to raise £10 million.  According to the platform, £2.5 million in equity was made available for registered investors on its site.  This is not the first time… Read More

Seedrs Now Allows Investors to Hold Shares Outside of Nominee Structure

Pan European equity  crowdfunding platform Seedrs has announced a significant change to their investment structure.   Effectively they are codifying an “informal practice” that has developed over the past several years of crowdfunding. According to a recent statement, investors  that contribute £25,000 or more may… Read More

A Profile of Seedrs: UK Equity Crowdfunding Platform

Speaking with CEO Jeff Lynn at Seedrs’ headquarters in the Silicon Roundabout (as opposed to the Valley or the Alley) of London was like speaking with a member of the same tribe. Both being attorneys, we spoke the same language, and it was clear that… Read More

Seedrs Nominee Structure Explained (Video)

Crowdfunding platform Seedrs has shared a video explanation of their nominee structure for holding shares in crowdfunded companies which list on their site.  They are unique in this approach as Seedrs acts in the interest of shareholders as the single shareholder in the company.  Seedrs… Read More

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