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Terraform Labs PTE, Founder Do Kwon, to Pay $4.5 Billion Penalty Following SEC Lawsuit

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reports that Terraform Labs PTE, Ltd. and founder Do Kwon will pay a $4.5 billion penalty as they have been found guilty of a “years-long fraud.”  It was previously reported that the SEC was seeking a $5.3 billion settlement…. Read More

SEC Is Reportedly Requesting $5.3B Judgment Against Terraform Labs and Founder Do Kwon

US regulatory authorities are requesting that Terraform Labs and its co-founder Do Kwon be fined $5.3 billion for allegedly defrauding investors. This update has been announced after the two parties had been found liable for a massive fraudulent scheme. As stated in court papers dated… Read More

Terraform Labs Loses Mistrial Bid, US Civil Trial Begins

Manhattan US District Court Judge Jed S. Rakoff has given a major blow to Terraform Labs and its founder Do Kwon. Recently, Judge Rakoff dismissed a mistrial bid that was reportedly related to disclosures regarding the Terraform’s alleged deception. The notable decision was announced during… Read More

TerraUSD Creator Do Kwon Sentenced to Four Months in Prison in Montenegro

Do Kwon, the creator of TerraUSD – LUNA, has been sentenced to four months in the slammer in Montenegro, according to multiple reports. Kwon’s attempt to create an algorithmic stablecoin TerraUSD has been cited as a huge catalyst in the crypto collapse of 2022. The… Read More

TerraUSD – LUNA Founder Do Kwon Part of Political Intrigue in Montenegro Elections

Europe Now Movement, the political party that just won parliamentary elections in Montenegro, is expected to form a fragile government, according to a report in BalkanInsight. The problem is the multitude of parties, with Europe Now squeaking by with just 25.6% of the vote, followed… Read More

Do Kwon, Founder of Terraform Labs, Creator of Failed Stablecoin TerraUSD and Crypto Luna, to Stand Trial in Montenegro First: Report

Do Kwon is expected to stand trial in Montenegro before facing charges in other interested jurisdictions. Kwon is the founder and CEO of Terraform Labs, the crypto company that created TerraUSD and LUNA. TerraUSD was an aspiring algorithmic stablecoin pegged to the US dollar. The… Read More

Terraform Labs CEO Do Kwon Facing Major Criminal Charges from Prosecutors in the US

  After trying to evade law enforcement for around six months, Terraform Labs CEO Do Kwon has now been taken into police custody in Montenegro. Kwon and Terraform Labs were responsible for TerraUSD, an aspiring algorithmic stablecoin, and sister crypto Luna, which collapsed last year… Read More

Terraform Labs, Creator of Failed Algorithmic Stablecoin TerraUSD, Investigated by SEC

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has posted a notice that the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has affirmed a district court order requiring compliance with investigative subpoenas served by the Commission on Terraform Labs Pte Ltd and Do Kwon – based… Read More

Terraform Labs “Donates” LUNA Tokens Valued at $880 Million

Terraform Labs has completed a “mind-blowing transaction” according to a blog post as it donates 10 million $LUNA at a value of around $880 million. TFL has gifted an additional 10 million $LUNA to the @LFG_org. https://t.co/tNirkgGGm0 — Terra 🌍 Powered by LUNA 🌕 (@terra_money)… Read More

Chainlink (LINK) Awards Grant to Hack.bg for Performing Native Integration of Chainlink on Terra

The team at Chainlink (LINK), the developers of decentralized Oracle networks, recently revealed that Hack.bg has received a Grant for performing native Integrations of Chainlink on Terra. The Chainlink Community Grant Program offers key financial resources to various development teams and researchers creating a “more… Read More

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