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Dow Jones Agrees: European Venture Capital is Booming

Last week Crowdfund Insider shared a report by KPMB/CB Insights that quantified the rocketing venture capital sector – at least in part fueled by a growing population of Unicorns.  Today Dow Jones VentureSource chimes in on Europe stating VC capital accumulation more than doubled in… Read More

Venrex Raises £1 Million on Seedrs Opening Up VC Investments to Wider Audience

“We are on a mission to democratise the venture capital investment business” In a pivotal offer, VC firm Venrex will raise £ 1 million in capital on equity crowdfunding platform Seedrs allowing ordinary investors to join an investment fund that is typically reserved for the wealthy… Read More

Role Reversal: Dragons’ Den’-Style Panel Of Entrepreneurs Question VCs During London Tech Week,

In a turning of the tables, VCs recently took the stage before a “Dragons’ Den”-style panel of entrepreneurs to pitch for themselves. The event was held by Innovate Finance, part of a series of events complementing London Tech Week, as Innovate Finance reports. “Could it be time for disruption… Read More

Mindfull Crowd Launches Marries VC Investing with the Crowd

Mindful Crowd has launched its new equity-based hybrid VC/crowdfunding platform. The new platform offers accredited investors the opportunity to directly invest in disruptive, advanced technology companies making a positive impact by improving our health, environment, and lifestyles. This is the first time a venture fund will open… Read More

VC Fund Fuel.Ventures Offers Shares on Seedrs as Part of £30 Million Raise

Investment crowdfunding platform Seedrs has offered the opportunity for smaller investors to join a prominent VC fund – something usually exclusive only to the very wealthy or very connected. Mark Pearsons has launched his own £30 million fund and a £500,0000 portion is being made available… Read More

New Media Pioneer / Entrepreneur Jan Henric Buettner Reflects on Career, Shares Poignant Advice & Considers Favorite Weissenhaus Spot

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Look for Team, Team, Team. Stay away from too early stages where there is nothing you can really base you judgment on. Get a bad cop integrated in your investment decision making who will stop you when… Read More

Kickstarter Alum Occipital’s Structure Sensor Nets Awards From CES, PopSci

On his blog, noted Colorado-based VC Brad Feld shares good news from the Occipital camp: two awards for their “Structure Sensor.” The Structure Sensor is a 3D scanner for the iPad that raised over $1.2 million on Kickstarter. The campaign closed on November 1st of… Read More

Crowdfunding News Roundup: October 21, 2013

Mashable | Social Web for Good: Crowdfunding Better Communities This article tells the story of Virginia Ramos, who has made a side job of selling her homemade tamales in San Francisco bars. She was banned from doing so by the San Francisco Department of Public… Read More

Crowdfunding’s Place On The Capital Ladder

Often times crowdfunding in the United States is discussed as a dichotomy. On one hand you have the brand of crowdfunding that takes place now, the donation- and rewards-based models that fuel sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and countless others. On the other hand you have… Read More

SeedInvest Seeking Partnerships With VCs, Angel Groups: SeedInvest Groups

SeedInvest has launched a new feature on their equity crowdfunding platform. The feature, called SeedInvest Groups, specifically targets angel groups, venture capitalists and other organizations with an active role in funding early-stage companies. SeedInvest CEO Ryan Feit says that the new feature was largely driven… Read More

Survey Sheds Light On VC Expectations For Equity Crowdfunding

A report released last month entitled Equity Crowdfunding and Venture Capital included some interesting revelations regarding what US venture capitalists and lawyers expect from equity crowdfunding. The report surveyed VCs and lawyers based in the states. Questions sought to gauge expectations about the JOBS Act’s trajectory and… Read More

Georgia Jumps to #4 in Q1 VC Funding

Out of a total $6.9 billion dollars invested across the nation during the first quarter of 2013, Georgia deals accounted for $322.4 million, catapulting the state to fourth place for venture capital funding last quarter. Georgia ranked behind only California, New York and Massachusetts. The… Read More

Pebble Raises $15 Million From Charles River Ventures

Pebble has joined Ouya in raising $15 million in venture capital after a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign. In Pebble’s case, the round was led by Charles River Ventures and partner George Zachary. Zachary said this was the largest Series A he has ever participated in. Oh,… Read More

In crowdfunding, the crowd thinks so much like VCs, it’s eerie

Memo to all those who think the crowd isn’t sophisticated enough to make startup investments: Crowdfunding isn’t all that different from raising money from venture capitalists, a new study shows. A study by Ethan Mollick of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, brought to my attention by a… Read More

Crowdfunding takes the rug out from under VCs, angels

Some have said equity crowdfunding could put pressure on the venture capital industry. But data compiled by crowdfunderEquityNet suggests it will open whole different categories of upstarts for funding instead. “Crowdfunding is serving the area of capitalism that was previously underserved,”Judd Hollas, chief executive of the… Read More

Hollywood’s Kickstarter Craze Needs To Be Fair To Fans As Well As Filmmakers

After the success of Rob Thomas’ efforts to crowdfund a Veronica Mars movie through Kickstarter, it was inevitable that some other auteur with a significant fanbase would follow his lead. That person is now Zach Braff, who as of this writing has raised about $954,000… Read More

How Venture Capital and Crowdfunding Can Coexist

The one-year anniversary of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act just passed, but the Securities and Exchange Commission has yet to write rules governing equity-based crowdfunding. In the meantime, some venture capital (VC) firms worry that crowdfunding, a means of collective financing by selling equity in a company,… Read More

The Next Big Thing in Crowdfunding? Kickstarting People

… Let’s start with Kickstarter as the obvious crowdfunding example. The company was founded by three guys with no previous finance experience. The target return for investors who back development of new products — from objects to movies — on Kickstarter is … nothing. Backers are instead… Read More

Crowdfunding vs. VC: Is there a win-win?

There’s been all sorts of overheated rhetoric about whether crowdfunding will crowd out venture capitalism. But the debate misses some big points, argues Roger Ehrenberg, a founder of IA Ventures. Writing in Fortune, Ehrenberg makes the case that a good venture capitalist (as opposed to… Read More

Venture capital vs. crowdfunding: Let’s get real

Crowdfunding is all the rage. Even the SEC recently blessed one type of crowdfunding for which there was risk of an enforcement action. Several in the early-stage ecosystem have called for venture capitalists to “up their game,” as alternative paths to financing create competitive threats to both… Read More

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