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Crowdfunding on VidAngel Studios, the Chosen Claims to be #1 Crowdfunded Media Project Ever

Crowdfunding on VidAngel Studios now, the Chosen is claiming the title as the number one media project ever to be crowdfunded. Back in 2018, Chosen raised $9.99 million using Reg A+. Today, using Reg CF, the Chosen is in the process of seeking a total… Read More

After Raising $10 Million using Reg A+, VidAngel Files for Chapter 11

VidAngel crowdfunded $5 million in less than 2 days. It went on to raise $10 million from a committed fanbase last year. The euphoria was short lived though as soon after raising the money under Reg A+ VidAngel received a court order to shut down… Read More

VidAngel Shuts Down as Judge Denies Request to Stay Preliminary Injunction

VidAngel Asks Investors / Supporters to Call Members of Congress to Aid in their Legal Battle VidAngel has been slapped down once again in its ongoing legal battle with the big movie studios. VidAngel, a video on demand service that uses an interesting workaround to… Read More

VidAngel Just Crowdfunded $10M Using Reg A+ & Now Court Orders Video Streaming Business to Shut Down

Earlier this month Crowdfund Insider reported that VidAngel had raised $5 million from investors crowdfunding under Reg A+ in just 28 hours. VidAngel went on to raise $10 million from over 7500 smaller investors. Today, VidAngel has received some bad news as a court order is… Read More

VidAngel Crowdfunded $5 Million in Just 28 Hours Under Reg A+

VidAngel may be the fastest issuing company using Reg A+ (Tier 2) to hit its funding target.  VidAngel set an initial crowdfunding goal of $5 million. In just over a day (28 hours) VidAngel hit that goal.  VidAngel then continued to accept investments ofjust over… Read More

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