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China: WeiyangX Fintech Review

Hong Kong Monetary Authority Launches Blockchain-based Trade Finance Platform TradeConnect The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (hereinafter referred to as the HKMA) announced on October 31st that it had launched a blockchain-based trade finance platform TradeConnect, in order to facilitate cross-border trade and related research. TradeConnect… Read More

China: WeiyangX Fintech Review

China Minsheng Financial Holding Corporation Limited (CMFH) Plans to Acquire a Fintech Company. On the 30th November, China Minsheng Financial Holding Corporation Limited (CMFH) announced its intent to acquire a Fintech company. CMFH believes that such an acquisition will improve its capacity in Fintech development,… Read More

The Development of Internet Finance in China

Wangdaizhijia (or wdzj.com), an alternative finance news and data platform in China, has published two interesting reports on the state of internet finance in the largest altfi market in the world. The first document focuses on peer to peer lending. The second publication is on… Read More

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