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The Development of Internet Finance in China

Wangdaizhijia (or wdzj.com), an alternative finance news and data platform in China, has published two interesting reports on the state of internet finance in the largest altfi market in the world. The first document focuses on peer to peer lending. The second publication is on… Read More

Report: China P2P Lending Topped $150 Billion in 2015

The China peer to peer lending market is the largest in the world. One reason this is so significant is the fact this incredible amount of money is driven by true peers (small investors) as little institutional money has found its way into the online… Read More

China P2P Lending Said to “Surge” in First Half of 2015

According to a recent report, transaction volume from internet lending platforms, including peer to peer lending, has surged to a record 300.6 billion yuan (approximately $47 billion) in China.  This number tops a comparative total for all of 2014 that was tallied at 252.8 billion… Read More

P2P Questions in China Indicate Need for Regulation

In a story recently filed by Chinese state press agency Xinhua, questions arose about the growing business of peer-to-peer (P2P) lending. Apparently over 70 P2P crowdfunding platforms collapsed last year, around 60 in the fourth quarter. The dramatic increase in failures has alerted investors, along… Read More

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