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Cheers: West Berkshire Brewery Returns to Seedrs With £750,000 Funding Target

Less than four years after raising £1,765,482 through its widely popular Seedrs campaign, UK-based West Berkshire Brewery has returned to the equity crowdfunding platform with a mission to raise a minimum £750,000 in funding. The brewery is now offering 9.35% in equity, at a £7,271,000… Read More

West Berkshire Brewery Extends Seedrs Initiative For the Second Time

Just days after securing its initial £1.5 million funding goal, West Berkshire Brewery has decided to extend its Seedrs initiative for the second time. Founded in 1995, West Berkshire Brewery has produced a wide range of bottled, kegged and cask-conditioned beers and lagers that have won… Read More

West Berkshire Brewery’s Seedrs Campaign Overfunds & Captures Over £1.7 Million

Success! Just a few days after announcing its new brewery and first urban pub, West Berkshire Brewery’s extended Seedrs campaign is now overfunding. The company launched the initiative earlier this spring and was looking to raise £1.5 million. Founded in 1995, West Berkshire Brewery has produced… Read More

West Berkshire Brewery Opens New Brewery & First London Pub As Seedrs Campaign Nears Funding Deadline

This week, UK-based West Berkshire Brewery announced it has opened its new brewery and also secured its first urban pub, Shillibeer’s in Islington, London. According to the company, the new brewery will be situated just a few hundred yards from the current site. It will feature state-of-the art equipment… Read More

Update: West Berkshire Brewery Secures Over £1.3M During the Final Weeks on Seedrs

With less than two weeks left until its Seedrs initiative comes to an end, UK’s West Berkshire Brewery has secured over £1.3M. The brewery launched the campaign earlier this spring and is seeking a total £1.5 million. Founded in 1995, West Berkshire Brewery has produced a wide range of… Read More

Brief: Seedrs Shares Details About the Inaugural Seedrs Presents (Video)

Following the inaugural Seedrs Present of 2016, the equity crowdfunding platform offered details about the exciting event that drew in over 200 attendees. Seedrs Presents, which occurred last week at the Alphabeta Building just one week after it opened its doors in Finsbury, reportedly featured… Read More

Cheers!: UK’s West Berkshire Brewery Hits Seedrs to Raise £1.5M For Growth & Expansion

Earlier this week, UK’s West Berkshire Brewery launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs a grand total of £1.5 million as it prepares its growth and expansion plans. West Berkshire Brewery was founded in 1995 and has produced a wide range of bottle, kegged and cask-conditioned beers… Read More

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