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Brief: Bluetooth TrackR Returns to Indiegogo to Raise Funds For New IoT device

On Monday, Indiegogo-success TrackR launched a new crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the TrackR Atlas, an IoT device that automatically keeps track of all belongings tagged with TrackR bravo or other Bluetooth tracker.  The company shared that Atlas plugs into the user’s home or office… Read More

Outernet’s Portal Library, Lantern, Surpasses $200,000 Crowdfunding Goal In Five Days on Indiegogo

New York City-based Outernet, known as the “Humanity’s Public Library,” launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo last week to raise $200,000 for its new product, the Lantern. Within only five days, the project surpassed its initial goal and is currently standing at nearly $219,000. According… Read More

Arizona-based Startup Seeks $500,000 Through Kickstarter Campaign for Personal Web Server & Storage Device

On Tuesday (October 7th), Chandler, AZ-based Eggcyte has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to help fund its new personal web server and storage device, The Egg. Offering 64/128/256GB of storage and Wi-Fi connectivity, The Egg permits consumers to share their photos, videos and other personal content… Read More

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