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UK’s PensionBee Analyzes Savings Strategies with Regular Pension Contributions

Playing the lottery can be fun – there’s a slim chance you might win a life-changing sum of money, the PensionBee team notes in a blog post. However, new modelling from PensionBee, reveals if the approximately 50% of UK adults who regularly “enter the National… Read More

UK’s PensionBee Survey Reveals Pension Savers Want to See Big Polluters Commit to Aggressive Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets

Pension savers are strongly backing shareholder calls for Shell to further reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, according to an update from PensionBee. A survey of pension savers by PensionBee revealed “that almost 60% of respondents – equal to nearly 18.5 million pensions savers… Read More

UK’s PensionBee Analysis: 10% of Defined Contribution Pension Savers’ Money Invested in US Tech Giants

Pension savers wondering where their investments go while they build-up their pension pots may be surprised to learn that millions of pounds “are funding some of the world’s largest technology corporations,” the PensionBee team notes. In a recent analysis undertaken by online pension provider PensionBee,… Read More

UK Savers Feel More Positive than Negative About Retirement Prospects, PensionBee Study Reveals

According to PensionBee’s latest Pension Confidence Index, Brits feel more positive than negative about their retirement prospects, for the first time in six months. Positive pension sentiment has “surged in the last three months, with the Pension Confidence Indicator soaring to +22 in March 2024.”… Read More

UK’s PensionBee Research Reveals Consumers Support Shareholder Resolutions Ahead of AGM Season

A study by PensionBee reveals a strong belief among pension savers that shareholder resolutions can convey robust messages to management and address areas of concern, ahead of this year’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) season. The nationally representative study of 1,000 UK pension savers showed “a… Read More

Over £50 Billion in Pension Savings at Risk of Being Lost in the UK – PensionBee Report

New analysis conducted by the Centre for Economics and Business Research, on behalf of PensionBee, reveals that over £50 billion pounds in hard-earned pensions are at risk of being misplaced in abandoned accounts or scattered across multiple lost pots. The new research estimates that “at… Read More

UK’s PensionBee Announces Proposed US Business Expansion

PensionBee Group plc, an online pension provider, recently announced it has entered into an exclusive, non-binding term sheet “with a large, US-based global financial institution in order to expand into the United States of America.” The US has the world’s largest Defined Contribution pension market,… Read More

UK’s PensionBee Shares Insights After Reports of Population Aged Over 90 Growing to Highest Ever Total

According to Office for National Statistics data published recently, there is now a record number of people in the UK “aged over 90 in England and Wales, up by 2.1% in 2022 to 550,835 people,” the team at PensionBee noted. The number of centenarians (people… Read More

UK Savers’ Most Significant Financial Achievements: Home Ownership Tops List, According to PensionBee Research

Buying a home and paying off the mortgage are the “biggest financial wins” that make people proud, while living in debt and spending beyond one’s means are the “nation’s biggest regrets,” according to research shared by online pension provider PensionBee. A survey by PensionBee has… Read More

UK Pension Savers Choosing Fossil-Fuel Free Plans are Likely to Have Seen Higher Returns – PensionBee Analysis

Pension savers choosing fossil-fuel free pension plans are likely to have seen higher returns during 2023 than those in mainstream default plans, according to analysis by PensionBee, an online pension provider. Comparing the MSCI ACWI ex. Fossil Fuels Index, which “excludes oil and gas producers,… Read More

UK’s PensionBee Comments on the Negative Impact of Greenwashing, Key ESG and Fintech Trends for 2024

PensionBee notes that in recent years, the spotlight has intensified “on the role of investments in the climate debate.” As most consumers would hopefully know by now, ‘ESG‘ stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. This is a framework used to “measure a company’s sustainability, workforce… Read More

PensionBee Research: Notable Enthusiasm Among UK Investors for New Pension Model

New research from online pension provider, PensionBee, reveals a notable enthusiasm among c.1,000 UK pension holders “for the recently announced ‘pot for life’ pension model.” Over three-quarters (76%) of pension savers “expressed that they would consider opting for the new model, while only 5% of… Read More

UK’s PensionBee Comments on Long-Term Benefits of Saving Extra Income

Analysis by PensionBee, an online pension provider, has found that putting a pay rise in a pension now can “lead to a bigger rise in annual retirement income later on.” Regular pay including bonuses in the UK “rose 8.5% in the year to July 2023,… Read More

£300K in Pension Wealth May Be Accumulated by Making Early Contributions to Accounts, PensionBee Research Claims

Parents could help provide more than £300,000 in pension wealth for their kids by the time they reach retirement age “by contributing to their child’s pension from the age of 18,” according to new research shared by PensionBee. As concern grows around the sustainability of… Read More

UK’s PensionBee Appoints Matthew Cavanagh as Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel

Online pension provider, PensionBee, is pleased to announce the appointment of Matthew Cavanagh as Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel. In 2015, Matthew served “as General Counsel to PensionBee.” He now rejoins as head of PensionBee Group’s legal function, “with responsibility for the provision of… Read More

UK’s PensionBee Claims that Half of Retirees Might Lose Out Due to Low Interest Savings Accounts

At least half of retirees could be missing out on hundreds of pounds of interest each year through “keeping their savings in accounts with rates of 3% or less a year,” according to new research. As high street banks have come under fire for failing… Read More

UK’s PensionBee Reveals that Student Loan Repayments Might Stay with Graduates into Retirement Years

Students off to university for the first time this year could be “the first crop of graduates who face repaying their university debts into retirement,” according to PensionBee, an online pension provider. As noted in a blog post by PensionBee, this year’s Freshers will be… Read More

UK’s PensionBee Reports Increase in Pension Contributions, As Withdrawals Fall from 2022 to 2023

Pension savers have reportedly “contributed over 20% more to their pensions in Q2 2023 compared to the same period last year, despite persistent levels of high inflation,” according to new analysis from online pension provider, PensionBee. The average quarterly contribution amount “for female savers increased… Read More

UK’s PensionBee Reports that 46% of Consumers Aged 55+ Are Concerned About Rising Rates When Paying Off Mortgages

Almost half of people (46%) over the age of 55 who are paying off mortgages are worried about rising rates, continuing to meet repayments and how to pay their loans off in full, research from PensionBee, the online pension provider, suggests. The research carried out… Read More

UK’s PensionBee Shares Insights on How Retirement Savings Are Impacted by Providing Unpaid Care

Two-in-three people are likely to take time out “to provide unpaid care at some point during their working life,” according to a new report from online pension provider, PensionBee. The Carer’s Pension Gap report highlights “the extent of unpaid care in the UK and how… Read More

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