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ProtonMail Reaches Over $380,000 Crowdfunding Despite Reported Issue


With only a week until its Indiegogo campaign comes to a close, ProtonMail has raised $382,334 from 7,447 backers. This news is somewhat surprising due this week’s rumored XSS issues. On Wednesday (July 9), the ProtonMail team took to their blog to address a recent report stating that the website is prone to being susceptible to a… Read More

ProtonMail Reveals PayPal Has Frozen Accounts, Asks “Is This Legal?”


Last month, the exciting new Switzerland-based encrypted email service ProtonMail, which says it is “NSA-proof,” signed up 200,000 users for their service. It also launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and raised over 290,000. Unfortunately, the website is now experiencing complications with PayPal. On Monday, the ProtonMail team took to the site’s blog and wrote, “This morning, we… Read More

Warhorse Studio Launches PayPal Campaign for “Kingdom Come: Deliverance”

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Hoping to get more support for its latest project, Czech software company Warhouse Studio launched its self-crowdfunding campaign for their forthcoming game “Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The video game has already impressed the gamers and has racked up more than $1.8 million on Kickstarter this past February and now the developer has announced fans will be… Read More

Two Big Questions For Indiegogo And PayPal On The Heels Of HealBe’s Crowdfunding Debacle


We’ve been keeping up with PandoDaily writer James Robinson’s (pictured) digging into HealBe’s Indiegogo campaign. It turns out that Robinson’s search is now leading him toward other Indiegogo campaigns seemingly with similar issues. A recent article dives into claims made during a campaign for the TellSpec, a device whose inventors promised that it would be able to count… Read More

PayPal Calls For More Disclosure For Pretail-Powered Crowdfunding Campaigns


In a blog post published yesterday, PayPal Chief Risk Officer Tomer Barel announced a set of changes regarding how PayPal will approach crowdfunding as a payment provider. Consider this excerpt, emphasis ours… Together with the crowdfunding sites, we identify if campaigns are strictly fundraising or preselling merchandise. We enable their campaigns without interrupting payments under… Read More

Crowdfunding & What You Should Know About Online Payments Before Launch

Photo courtesy Sean MacEntee on Flickr - http://www.flickr.com/photos/smemon

Throughout 2013, PayPal and crowdfunding project creators repeatedly found themselves at odds. First it was Lab Zero Games, the company behind the hugely popular campaign for Skullgirls. Paypal froze Lab Zero’s account only to later release all but $35,000 of Lab Zero’s Indiegogo cash. It actually led Lab Zero to file a complaint against PayPal… Read More

Only The Beginning, Maybe: Putting Kickstarter’s Insane Growth In Perspective

Kickstarter Logo Black

For a lot of people, crowdfunding is Kickstarter. That is just how big New York City’s rewards-based crowdfunding stalwart has grown. Yesterday saw the release of Kickstarter’s 2013 recap. We covered it here on Crowdfund Insider, and it was inevitably picked up by just about every blog and tech pundit in the world. Wire service? Not when… Read More

Texas Family Crowdfunding Appeal To Stop Keystone XL Pipeline On Their Farm


TransCanada and its American subsidiary, Keystone, are in the midst of seeking approval for a new pipeline to run from Alberta’s tar sands to refineries on the Gulf Coast. Called the Keystone XL pipeline, it is a highly controversial project that has its passionate supporters and vehement critics. Julia Trigg Crawford has been at the… Read More

Milken Institute, PayPal Host Seminar on Crowdfunding


The Milken Institute, Center for Financial Markets and PayPal have partnered in a gathering in San Jose, California about Crowdfunding. The event is taking place tomorrow (Thursday, December 12). Daniel Gorfine,  Director of Financial Market Policy and Legal Counsel at the Milken Institute will moderate a discussion of leading platform founders, disruptive entrepreneurs, and investors… Read More

PayPal Boosts #GivingTuesday with Digital Donations (Infographic)

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PayPal Adds $5.25 to Every Donation over $25. PayPal wants to “Stamp Out Checks for Good” while aiding in the drive to raise $500,000 from #GivingTuesday through December 31, 2013.  The payment platform provides resources for non-profits on a year round basis but this year they are doing a special push by facilitating donations and… Read More

Brief: Hacker Orders PS4′s With Game Dev’s Indiegogo Funds

secrets of raetikon

Game developer Broken Rules is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo for their game Secrets of Rætikon. The campaign is flexibly funded and has 65 hours to go at the time of writing, having raised just over $10,000 on a $40,000 goal. Recently a hacker compromised the group’s PayPal account and purchased $2,500 worth of goods, including a few… Read More

arkOS Crowdfunding An Open-Source, Raspberry Pi-Powered Google Fighter


What did you do when Google killed Google Reader, much to the chagrin of many of the service’s fans? Jacob Cook declared war. Well, not literally. What he did do was begin to work on arkOS, a Linux-based operating system that aims to replace all-knowing and all-seeing services like Google Apps and Apple iCloud. When… Read More

SIGMO Receives Reprieve from PayPal Freeze Out

PayPay Checkmark

  Three days ago SIGMO, a voice translating device crowdfunding on Indiegogo, was hit by the PayPal Freeze Out which has impacted multiple other crowdfunding campaigns.  Today they received good news which now allows contributors to utilize the PayPal platform to support their campaign once again. Marti Karrer posted an announcement 8 minutes ago   Dear Sigmo… Read More

PayPal Speaks, Releases Full Statement On Crowdfunding Issues


This statement from Tomer Barel, PayPal VP of Risk Management, was posted yesterday and just shared with Crowdfund Insider. We’re posting this in it’s entirety and letting it speak for itself. TL;DR: it seems PayPal is about to get serious on fixing systemic issues regarding the release of funds to crowdfunding campaigns. The original post… Read More

Balanced CEO Matin Tamizi Responds To PayPal’s Crowdfunding Hiccups


PayPal has been a frequent subject of crowdfunding news recently for freezing and unfreezing payments for a host of successfully-funded crowdfunding campaigns. These include but are not limited to: Sigmo, Mailpile, GlassUp, Skullgirls and more. We recently came into contact with Balanced, an online payment and escrow solutions provider that has placed some focus on… Read More

PayPal On A Roll, Freezes Successfully Funded SIGMO

Stop PayPal

Even as PayPal claims to be addressing the shortcomings in their payment platform, the roster of crowdfunding campaigns which have been impaired by PayPal continues to grow.  The latest campaign to experience a “PayPal Freeze Out” is from SIGMO – a voice translation device which started crowdfunding on Indiegogo on August 5th. In a letter… Read More

Despite Rhetoric, PayPal Continues To Scare Crowdfunders By Freezing Funds


PayPal has recently made headlines for freezing the funds of successfully funded Indiegogo campaigns like MailPile and GlassUp. Both decisions were eventually reversed and accompanied by statements from PayPal admitting an error. In the MailPile case, PayPal was insistent that the company is committed to supporting crowdfunding campaigns… We have reached out to MailPile and… Read More

PayPal Responds to MailPile Freeze Out on Indiegogo Campaign


In light of our coverage (among many others) on the PayPal freeze out pertaining to the very successful MailPile crowdfunding campaign, we received a statement from a PayPal representative regarding their position. We have reached out to MailPile and the limitation has been lifted. Supporting crowdfunding campaigns is an exciting new part of our business…. Read More

Mailpile Successfully Funds on Indiegogo, Then PayPal Freezes Their Account

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Mailpile Posts Update Account is Unfrozen … for Now. These shenanigans have happened in the past.  Skullgirl Studio – Lab Zero – experienced a PayPal freeze out in April 2013.  GlassUp experienced something similar just several weeks ago in August.  Now encrypted email developer Mailpile has enjoyed the same scenario. As reported by Mailpile, this… Read More

UPDATED: PayPal Corrects Error With GlassUp Funding Via Indiegogo


UPDATE: PayPal has admitted an error was made with GlassUp’s account and has released the following statement clarifying the situation… We looked into what was happening with GlassUp and corrected the situation earlier today. GlassUp now has access to all of the funds that they’ve raised on Indiegogo through PayPal. We think they are developing… Read More