Crowdfunding News Roundup: October 22, 2013

vmasecurity3PolicyMic | Crowdfunding For Private Security in Oakland Ignores a Few Key Facts

PolicyMic takes a deeper dive into the recent Crowdtilt campaigns funding private security forces in Oakland. What did they find? That some of the neighborhoods don’t have as much crime as one may think, and that the entire situation sets a concerning precedent with regards to “placing the burden of public goods on the shoulders of the public.”

Real Business | The City Grump says the FCA must change its ways or else go the way of the dinosaur

The City Grump writes an absolutely scathing takedown of the FCA and regulation in a more general sense. Quote of the piece: “The FCA… naturally devotes more and more of its limited resources to devising more and more draconian rules to prevent you and I from investing directly in anything.” Ouch.

spike-leeThe Daily Orange | Grimaldi: Major celebrities exploit Kickstarter, should be used mainly by inexperienced filmmakers

This is a pretty incredible article. Grimaldi postulates: “The fresh, intimate and young voices of filmmakers everywhere are being silenced, or at least illegitimated by the likes of Spike Lee, Zach Braff and Rob Thomas.” It’s an incredible take considering overall activity on Kickstarter benefitted from celebrity involvement.

GameBanshee | Brian Fargo on Why Crowdfunding Trumps the Traditional Publishing Model

In which Brian Fargo, the man behind Wasteland 2 and the accompanying Kickstarter campaign, explains why crowdfunding is far and away better than more traditional, publisher-driven models of game development and distribution.

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