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Spike Lee Talks “Da Sweet Blood of Jesus” With Entertainment Weekly

With his Kickstarter-success Da Sweet Blood of Jesus set to premiere in theaters on February 15th, director Spike Lee sat down with Entertainment Weekly to share details about his new project and its crowdfunding campaign. During the interview, Lee discussed the back story of the film…. Read More

Brief: Spike Lee’s “Da Sweet Blood of Jesus” Is Now Available on Vimeo On Demand

On Tuesday (January 13th), Spike Lee announced that his Kickstarter-success film, Da Sweet Blood of Jesus, is now available through Vimeo on Demand. This big news comes just a few weeks before the film’s theatrical release date. As previously reported, Lee hit the global crowdfunding platform to raise $1,250,000 for his… Read More

Brief: Spike Lee Unleashes First Trailer For Kickstarter-Success Da Sweet Blood Of Jesus (Video)

Continuing to build more excitement for its theatrical release, Spike Lee and the production team for Kickstarter-success Da Sweet Blood of Jesus released the film’s first trailer earlier this week. Last year, Lee hit the global crowdfunding platform to raise $1,250,000 for his new film project, Da… Read More

Crowdfunding At Its Best: Top 12 Successfully Funded Kickstarter & Indiegogo Films

Crowdfunding films is big business these days and it is still early in the evolution of this new approach to funding movies.  On Kickstarter, Film & Video is their second highest revenue generator having successfully raised almost $200 million.  Indiegogo has recently experienced some break… Read More

Spike Lee Shares Details about New Film “Da Sweet Blood of Jesus”

Stepping out to introduce his new independent film “Da Sweet Blood of Jesus,” director Spike Lee attended the New York’s SVA Theater in Chelsea to debut the film on Sunday during the final day of the 18th annual American Black Film Festival. Last year, Mr. Lee… Read More

Spike Lee Comments Underscore Important Strategy For Crowdfunders

In a recent interview with WENN, Spike Lee underscores an important strategy for crowdfunders, celebrities and regular joes alike. He credits “good karma” with helping him find crowdfunding success on Kickstarter… I’ve invested in at least eight or nine projects since I got on Kickstarter…. Read More

Crowdfunding News Roundup: October 22, 2013

PolicyMic | Crowdfunding For Private Security in Oakland Ignores a Few Key Facts PolicyMic takes a deeper dive into the recent Crowdtilt campaigns funding private security forces in Oakland. What did they find? That some of the neighborhoods don’t have as much crime as one… Read More

If Kickstarter Projects Aren’t Charity, What Are They?

Yesterday Kickstarter’s three cofounders – Charles Adler, Yancey Strickler and Perry Chen – took to the Kickstarter blog to offer their take on Spike Lee’s participation on the platform. The post was entitled The Truth About Spike Lee and Kickstarter. It isn’t the first time… Read More

WATCH: Spike Lee Thanks Those Who Bet On Him

Spike Lee recently posted the following video thanking Jesus and thanking the supporters of his now fully-funded Kickstarter campaign. A word of advice from Spike: Bet on the mule. It’s an obvious reference to some of his campaign’s detractors. He goes on to say that any… Read More

Spike’s Stats: 35 People Gave $10,000 To The Newest, Hottest, Fully-Funded Spike Lee Joint

Spike Lee can start celebrating. He just surpassed a $1.25 million goal on Kickstarter for his new film, which as of now is still shrouded in a bit of mystery. It’s about love and it’s about blood, but in the words of Lee “The reason… Read More

WATCH: Spike Lee Hits $1 Million On Kickstarter, Shares Tips For Film Success

Despite being razzed by Trish Regan on live TV and catching flack from others, Spike Lee has successfully raised over $1 million on Kickstarter for his new film. His campaign seems on track to hit his $1.25 million goal by the time the campaign ends in… Read More

Spike Lee On Trish Regan: “It Backfired And It Backfired On CNBC”

Spike Lee is making headlines again regarding his currently-running campaign on Kickstarter. Yesterday he was interviewed by BET and one of the subjects at hand was his recent tiff with CNBC pundit Trish Regan, who led an interview with Lee by alluding to criticisms he… Read More

WATCH: Spike Lee Slams Trish Regan Over Kickstarter Campaign

Spike Lee is quickly becoming one of the most outspoken advocates of crowdfunding in recent memory, lambasting any reporter or pundit that dares to heap criticism on the director for using Kickstarter to fund his next feature film. The latest to draw Lee’s ire? Trish… Read More

Spike Lee Crosses $500K, Carries Celebrity Crowdfunding Torch

Spike Lee has a high-profile Kickstarter campaign for his new film and the campaign has just crossed $500,000 of funding with a little over two weeks to go. As is often the case with celebrities on Kickstarter, Lee has carried the torch for crowdfunding and… Read More

Spike Lee: Crowdfunding is the Future (Video)

Accomplished Film Director Spike Lee was interviewed on CNBC today regarding his current Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for a future film about human beings addicted to blood.  He is looking to raise $1.25 Million and he is almost half way their with just under $500,000.  Steven… Read More

Spike Lee: Kickstarter Co-Founders Warned Me About Catching Flack

It has become a rite of passage: celebrities that use Kickstarter  and crowdfunding in general will eventually be the subject of some number of articles asking if they’re ruining the platform, and then those same celebrities will be asked to offer their opinion on the matter…. Read More

The Latest Celeb Director On Kickstarter: Spike Lee

Spike Lee has launched a crowdfunding campaign in an attempt to fund a new movie about “human beings who are addicted to blood.” on Kickstarter. He has set a goal of $1.25 million in 30 days. Nothing in Life is Free and if you want… Read More

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